Friday, September 04, 2009

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest Rudali Media

It seems YSR’s sudden demise has seriously effected the intelligence and common sense of Indian Media. Some of the news they have been disseminating is bordering to absurdity! Or is it media is playing the role of Rudalis to create an icon for congress.

Dumbest of the pack is The Times of India with their outrageous claim that  67 YSR fans has died of shock.  According to TOI

More than 60 people across Andhra Pradesh have died of shock or committed suicide after the death of their chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, prompting his MP son Y S Jaganmohan Reddy to appeal to his late father's admirers to be patient and brave.

Would TOI please enlighten us how this data was authenticated? Whats the source of this data? In the hustle bustle of making money from dead, TOI may have forget following

Crude Death Rate of AP is 7.4/1000 and out of which Cardiovascular diseases is the leading causes of mortality, responsible for 33% of all deaths. That essentially means that AP with a Population of  76,210,007, every day more that 500 People die due to Cardiovascular diseases. I guess TOI  is assuming anyone who died due to heart attack on the day YSR died would be due to shock!

When it comes to covering Sob stories how can undie TV be left behind. One of their top honchos(not to be confused by Ghonchus) flew in a helicopter to show the viewers the aerial route that YSR's ill-fated flight had taken. The news unfolded something like below

Honcho(shouting on top of his voice to be heard) : “We are now on top of thick forest one can only imagine the difficulty on that illfateful night”. Camera pans down and shows recently harvested paddy fields. After some time they just gave up and started showing some old footage

Another  reporter belatedly told us

“YSR started his political career here, he knows this place like back of his hand... if anyone can survive in there it is YSR”

(errr... did YSR start his career in Jungle)

Then a famous congress leader comes for interview. she played her role very well with a long face.

Myself and YSR had a colourful past(i guess she meant chequered) ... We both were very frank with each other(she meant used to fight a lot)

Its only Indian media which can create a comedy even out of a tragedy


It seems the death toll is now increasing by hour. Not to be outdone, CNN IBN played the Gladiator tune in background while reporting the death of YSR. They are now leading the race of reporting highest death toll due to death of YSR. According to IBN,

As many as 122 people across Andhra Pradesh reportedly died of shock or committed suicide after the death of Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy, prompting his MP son YS Jaganmohan Reddy to appeal to the people to be stoic and brave.

if you would notice the text  for both IBN and Times of India report is same except for number of deads.  Our sources in media is telling us that by tomorrow we are expecting the death toll to cross the death toll due to Tsunami.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

900 girls have gone missing in Kerala

To be read in continuation to jihadis luring Kerala college girls

According to a confidential report by the Kerala police's intelligence wing, approximately 920 girls have gone missing in the last year.

The matter came to light when two MBA students from Pathanamthitta district in Kerala went missing and were later located at a religious centre in north Kerala. The women were said to be involved in relationships with senior students and planned to convert to another religion.

Police sources claimed the men belonged to a controversial organisation, which is constantly monitored by state intelligence agencies.

Many of the women who have gone missing in the last year hail from affluent families.

Muthoot murder - UPDATE

To be read in continuation of  THIS

It is now learnt that most of the members of the Changanassery- based quotation gang, who are now behind bars in connection with the Paul Muthoot murder case, had close connections with the CPM and the DYFI units in the area. Alleging that Binu, Sujith, Sathar, Shino Paul and Akash of the gang were CPM activists,.

Kari Satheesh, the first accused in the case was an active member of the DYFI and was a member of the outfit since 1999. Vilasini, Satheesh’s mother, was a member of the KSKTU, the farm workers’ outfit of the CPM, since 1997. The entire household of Satheesh is a Communist family.

Its amusing that even before the autopsy report of the deceased came out and before the arrest of the so-called prime accused

Damn the lateral entrants

It seems that “lateral entrants” to BJP are primary cause for sparking the bush fires it is now trying to douse. BJP should pick such leaders who donot come thru Sangh Parviar “judiciously” and even if they pick up such leaders they should be put  on long probation before rewarding them with power and perks.

Jaswant Singh who is now highly critical about BJP, Parivar and Advani every post except that of Prime Minister and BJP president. Kulkarni might well have been Advani’s principal secretary had he become Prime Minister. But after joining Mamata Banerjee, he realised he had deep ideological differences with parivar. Yashwant Sinha, who came to the BJP from Chandra Shekhar’s SJP in 1993 is another case of how an “ideological turncoat” had skimmed off the cream of power and pelf. Arun Shourie also falls into same category to certain degree.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Jaswant Singh hangs on to PAC shamelessly

Jaswant Singh has refused to quit the post of  chairman of the Public Accounts Committee even after BJP explicitly asked him to vacate this position.  The PAC, which is constituted every year, examines accounts showing the appropriation of sums granted by Parliament for the government’s expenditure and scrutinizes the annual finance accounts. These posts are decided by consensus and has been with the opposition party as a matter of tradition

One can understand his reluctance as PAC chairperson gets an office in Parliament building and a staff, among other perks, just like Leaders of Opposition in both Houses of Parliament. Earlier, Singh, who was Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha till he got elected to the Lok Sabha from Darjeeling, was unwilling to vacate his office in Parliament, making the issue a talking point in the party.

Jihadis luring Kerala college girls for love

To be read in continuation of Love Jihad & UK police to protect girls forced to convert to Islam

Kerala police has constituted a special team to probe charges that jihadis are running an organized racket in the state's colleges to lure gullible girls in the name of love and then convert them for subsequent use in anti-national activities. What jolted the sleuths into action was a habeus corpus petition in the Kerala high court from the parents of two MBA students.  In one such an incident, two of the girls eloped with a guy. In the period they were with him, one of them had already married the boy and the other was "forced to marry'' his friend, a bus conductor. In their statements given to police, the students claimed that they were shown jihadi videos and literature by the boy. Expressing concern over the development, the high court asked the police to probe deeper.

The principal said

"When we searched the hostel, we found provocative literature given by the boy from the rooms of the two girls,'' .

This was seized by the police who have now extended the probe to other campuses as well they feel this was not an isolated incident. Similar reports have been emerging for quite some time now but were mostly ignored for political reasons, police sources added.

Monday, August 31, 2009

A shocking protest in malaysia


In Malaysia, A group of Malay-Muslim protesters came with a shocking protest to pressurize state government to stop the construction of a Hindu Temple near to their neighborhood.

They marched with a severed head of cow (the symbolism is not lost) amid chants of "Allahuakbar," and then left the severed head of a cow at the entrance of the State Secretariat here as a warning to Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.

My apologies for gore picture, I have tried to make it more sane.

Manohar Parrikar: Is he the new BJP President?

Parrikar, 54, is said to be the most eligible for the job. He can bring a generational change in the BJP. The IIT-Mumbai graduate also scores very high on personal integrity, is committed to the ideology, has never figured in any controversy, and isn’t part of any faction

Sangh comes out stronger post Jinnah controversy

Olive Schreiner  (South African Writer, 1855-1920) has famously said

“Everything has two sides - the outside that is ridiculous, and the inside that is solemn”

Its only a fortnight since Jinnah controversy hit BJP unexpectedly causing unprecedented organizational havoc and confusion. Things came to such an impasse that RSS Sarsanghchalak himself had to step in to calm things down.

One can argue that BJP has been badly bruised from this mêlée and it will take a long time for it regain its original sheen. but as olive rightly said, there are two sides of every issue. If we take a dispassionate view of things Sangh has actually emerged stronger from this entire affair. 

BJP finds its ideological mooring

Any political organization is alike a chariot, Ideology is charioteer and organization is the carriage. From time to time, chariot may slowdown as carriage would need maintenance but as long as charioteer is clear about its path, the organisation will be back on road towards destination in no time. Problem occurs when there are multiple charioteers driving the chariot in different directions. BJP by design or chance was in a situation of being driven by multiple charioteers who had no common ideology except may be lust of power. This incident has helped organisation to sideline elements who donot adhere & conform to party ideology.  With a decisive move, BJP has managed to bring in an generation change. Any loss due to this will be temporary. As sarsanghchalak narrated

Any party that has workers who have tears in their eyes fopr its wellbeing cannot decline, it will even rise from ashes 

Congress the unintended victim

Whether congress has realised it or not, Congress is also an unintended causality from this episode. Till date with the support of “friendly historians”, congress had shielded themselves behind “Jinnah is sole culprit” facade. But now country is asking & analyzing uncomfortable question about the role congress leaders played in events which lead to partition of country. Now it appears that Nehru is also not above blame.

It is also becoming clear that once upon a RSS was not untouchable within congress. RSS had sympathies & support of Sardar Patel and several other prominent leaders within congress. 

RSS wins laurels

People now have much fairer view of RSS & how it functions. They themselves perhaps for first time saw on live television how RSS lives by what it profess. Its leadership has won laurels(even grudgingly from secular media) by the way it is handling this episode. RSS is suddenly talk of town. This can only bring more goodwill for the organisation and make it further stronger

What is China upto?

Coming weeks after Google publishing modified maps of India, Chinese helicopters entered into Indian air space along Damchok area and Trig Heights in Ladakh and air dropped canned food containing frozen pork and brinjal, which had passed the expiry date.

In the 1950s, a number of maps of the Indo-Chinese border started circulating in China and appearing in sections of the Chinese media. The Indian intelligence rightly brought these to the notice of Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister, who took up the matter with Chou En-lai, his Chinese counterpart. He assured Nehru that these maps were circulated by private individuals and had been prepared by the Taiwanese before 1949. He told Nehru that India should not worry about them. Nehru was shocked before the 1962 war when the Chinese used the very same maps, which Chou had described as not official, for claiming large parts of Indian territory and occupying much of it. Today, it is on the basis of the very same maps which the Chinese portrayed as not official that they are claiming Arunachal Pradesh as Chinese territory.

I really hope unlike Nehru, this government is keeping a very close eye on Chinese activities.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Muthoot murder - UPDATE

To be read in continuation of  THIS

Kerala home minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s son Bineesh is now under scanner for his relationship with  Om Prakash, one of the two people with known criminal records, who was with George when he was murdered. George was travelling with Om Prakash and P. Rajesh Friday night when he was murdered. Soon after the incident, Om Prakash and P. Rajesh escaped with the Ford Endeavour vehicle in which George was traveling. Later police recovered the Endeavour. However, The Chavara Police had reportedly tried to hand over the Endeavour to three people who had come from Thiruvananthapuram, but the attempt was foiled after mediapersons reported on saturday that George was driving this vehicle on the night of his murder. An official at the Chavara station is under scrutiny for trying to hand over the vehicle to the three men from Thiruvananthapuram.

A ‘glamorous gangster’ is how Omprakash is widely known in the criminal circles in Thiruvananthapuram city. Like many prominent gangsters in the capital, Omprakash and Rajesh, alias Puthenpalam Rajesh, are products of political goondaism. A CPM sympathiser, Omprakash began his goonda activities by settling scores for his party leaders right from his college days. He was an accused in several cases pertaining to violence during LDF sponsored agitations. Omprakash came to the ‘limelight’ following the murder of Congress activist Ashokan at Malayinkeezhu in 1999. The city police had issued a lookout notice against Omprakash following his involvement in the murder of gangster Krishnakumar alias Aprani Krishnakumar at Chackai bypass in February 2007. He was suspected to have left the country following the incident.

Despite his involvement in several criminal cases, Omprakash managed to get a passport from the Thiruvananthapuram Passport Office using a certificate issued by the local police which said that he was not involved in any criminal cases. A probe was also ordered into the incident.

Rajesh was also a close associate of many CPM-DYFI leaders in the city.

Rang De Basanti Chola – Lest we may forget them

Sardar Patels letter to Nehru

New Delhi
27 February 1948
My dear Jawaharlal,

Thank you for your letter dated 26 February 1948 which I received just now.
I have kept myself almost in daily touch with the progress of the investigation regarding Bapu's assassination case. I devote a large part of my evening to discussing with Sanjevi the day's progress and giving instructions to him on any points that arise. All the main accused have given long and detailed statements of their activities. In one case, the statement extends to ninety typed pages. From their statements, it is quite clear that no part of the conspiracy took place in Delhi. The centres of activity were Poona, Bombay, Ahmednagar and Gwalior. Delhi was, of course, the terminating point of their activity, but by no means its centre; nor do they seem to have spent more than a day or two at a time, and that too only twice between 19 and 30 January. It also clearly emerges from these statements that the RSS was not involved in it at all.. It was a fanatical wing of the Hindu Mahasabha directly under Savarkar that [hatched] the conspiracy and saw it through. It also appears that the conspiracy was limited to some ten men, of whom all except two have been got hold of. Every bit of these statements is being carefully checked up and verified and scrutinised, and where necessary, followed up. Sanjevi devotes a considerable time every day to it. Senior officers of Bombay and CP are in charge of the investigation. Delhi police hardly comes in the picture.

Of course, it is impossible for us at this stage to publicise any of these things or to say anything publicly about what is being done to unearth the conspiracy. Every item of information that is being communicated to us through sources, known and unknown, real, anonymous or pseudonymous, is being investigated of information that is being communicated to us through sources, known and unknown, real, anonymous or pseudonymous, is being investigated. More than 90 percent of these have been found to be just imagination. Most of these have been directed to the activities of RSS men in various centres. We have followed this up, and except vague allegations that sweets were distributed or joy was expressed, hardly anything of substance has been found in them. After having dealt with these matters at first hand and discussed these matters in detail with Sanjevi and other officers who are in charge of this investigation, including the Public Prosecutor of Bombay, Mr. Pettigarah, who has been advising the investigators on legal points, I have come to the conclusion that the conspiracy of Bapu's assassination was not so wide as is generally assumed, but was restricted to a handful of men who have been his enemies for a very considerable time --the antipathy can be traced right to the time when Bapu went for his talks with Jinnah, when Godse went on a fast and some others of the conspirators went to Wardha to prevent him [Bapu] from going.

Of course, his assassination was welcomed by those of the RSS and the Mahasabha who were strongly opposed to his way of thinking and to his policy . But beyond this, I do not think it is possible, on the evidence which has come before us, to implicate any other members of the RSS or the Hindu Mahasabha. The RSS have undoubtedly other sins and crimes answer for, but not for this one. If you have any time, I would be glad to send to you Sanjevi and Rana, DIG, CID, Bombay, who are here. They could explain to you the whole case as it has emerged from the investigation. They say they will take another ten days or a fortnight, at the end of which the case will be ripe for being placed in the hands of the Public Prosecutor. As soon as the Public Prosecutor is ready, we hope to appoint a Special Judge to try the case in Delhi.

As regards the RSS in Delhi, I am not aware of any prominent men or active workers whom we have left out. We hear all sorts of reports from somebody or the other regarding a certain person being an active member or not. In some cases, on such reports, arrests were made, and we soon found representations coming from Congressmen themselves testifying to their Congress sympathies and anti-RSS views. We had to release them. In other cases, on arrests of RSS people being made on similar information, both we and the Provincial Governments are being accused of rounding up innocent people. In the case of a secret organisation like the RSS which has no records of membership, no registers, etc., securing of authentic information whether a particular individual is an active worker or not is rendered a very difficult task. Nevertheless I am assured that practically all the important workers of RSS in Delhi have been rounded up. Indeed, some knowledgeable people tell me that we have rounded up more than necessary. I have already asked Provincial Governments, including Delhi, to let us know what has been the result of these arrests, how many have been arrested, how many have been released, what has been revealed in searches, etc. As soon as these reports come in, we shall have to consider our next step. If there are any key men who are still at large, I should like to know their names, so that we can follow them up that police and the local authorities who are in Delhi or elsewhere have an appreciable number of RSS sympathisers. Here again, however, the difficulty is to locate the men. Whenever I have received the least information about the names, and particulars of any RSS men in Government service, I have communicated them to Sanjevi or Mehra. In some cases, Government servants in Delhi have already been arrested for RSS activities. Delhi's quota of RSS arrests compares favourably with that of any other place or province. I doubt, therefore, whether the accusation can be substantiated that Delhi police or local authorities have been inactive on account of RSS sympathies. However, I shall again have a discussion with Mehra on the particular problems which you have mentioned and see what further action could be taken.

Yours sincerely,
Vallabhbhai Patel

Note: I guess Jaswant Singh might have missed this letter his in his “exhaustive research”