Friday, April 17, 2009

Is Indian media trying to influence election & trying to subvert EC!!

Headline from Indian express reads Congress has slight edge over BJP, predict analysts

Then it goes on saying Congress appears to have a slight edge over the BJP in key states but both parties are likely to fall short of a majority in the Lok Sabha elections which may lead to intense horse-trading before a new government assumes power, an American think tank has predicted.

Now the devil is in details!!!

Stratfor’s claim to fame is its founder who is so called Renowned author and futurologist George Friedman founded STRATFOR in 1996. Most recently, he authored the international bestseller, The Next 100 Years. Dr. Friedman is supported by a team of professionals with widespread experience, many of whom are internationally recognized in their own right. Although its headquarters are in Austin, Texas, STRATFOR’s staff is widely distributed throughout the world

The objective of EC stricture against Polls was to prevent any undue influence on voters mind. Now media is trying to achieve same thru "foreign" analyst of dubious nature!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Indias new anti-terror policy against pakistan


No dialogue till Pak stops terror: PM MMS

PM MMS finally comes out with truth


Please Vote with eyes wide open

This years parliament election is the crucial for the destiny of you and our country We have four formations to chose from BJP led NDA front(Right), Congress led UPA(Centre with slight tilt to left), CPM led Third front(not sure where they stand) and SP led fourth front(not sure where they stand). Choose your candidate with care.

Pick a Party as if your child's life depended on it and determine whether they would satisfy your needs. Dont fall into the trap of defining your needs just by “Food, Shelter and clothes” we human beings have much higher needs.



Liking a candidate is not enough. The decisions made by the next prime minister and his team will decide the future of you and your child. They will determine whether you are safe while going out with family, Whether your child gets a job or not etc.

Another way to think is if India is your company will you employ such a person? Is he trust worthy? Does he delivery what he promises? How is his integrity? How is his loyalty? Do you really think a person who cannot be even loyal to the party which mentored him can be loyal to you?

Vote for the Party who has a PM candidate who has the competence and character to guide your child, and the country.

Above all, chose a PM who considers self above nation. Let Caste, Creed, Color, religion not be your guide. We owe this to our future generation.

Grand Mufti of Syria calls for Akhand Bharat

The RSS vision of an Akhand Bharat has an unlikely supporter, the Grand Mufti of Syria, Dr Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun. The Mufti feels

"You need to bring back the idea of pre-independence India. An Indian continent which for over a thousand years was home to all civilisations -- Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Christians and Sikhs.

He believes that the barriers between India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are unnatural and should be removed. The holy man cites the example of Europe, where boundary lines are becoming irrelevant.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

pressbrief.In: Indias 1st families website?

I am surprised by this website! is this website maintained by Congress party. I suspect so otherwise how can they get so much information? It donot have even a picture of Manmohan Singh or infact any other congress leaders! 

I wonder what congress supporters have to say about this?

In fact, I am personally shocked at this!

Mr. PM: Its distasteful, disgusting and shameful!

Politics in India has sunk to a new low with Prime Minister of the country using language & taunts only heard among low level political rowdies. In the heat of election or perhaps to prove his strength, PM has started behaving like the shouting brigade from backbenches tasked to to shout down opponent during parliament debates!

lets see some of the phrases he used -

"I would not have been found weeping in the corner, when a mob of hoodlums was destroying the centuries' old mosque."

The last time I heard such phrase was during college times!!! SHOCKING!!

“I am the candidate from the Congress party. Why should I confer the status of an alternative Prime Minister on Advani

Two issue here,

Firstly, Mr. PM I hope you are aware that unlike BJP, congress has not committed you as PM  in their manifesto.

Secondly, Mr. PM by denying us the citizens of India the right to elect or reject you (on the assumption you would be the PM and since you are not fighting election) you have lost the moral right to criticize Advani on his candidature as PM. He has put  himself up in the court of people and we would decide whether we would like to confer him PM status or not. 

 "The difference between the UPA government and the NDA government is that they released terrorists while we killed nine and captured one alive."

Mr. PM there is one more difference if you may have not realized.  During Kandahar incident, a Minister risked his life and brought back 180 people alive while in 26/11, we lost about 190 people and we are still awaiting justice.

Moreover, its shameful that a person of your stature falsify history. It  is a known fact that the course of action on Kandhar was decided during an All Party meeting!

Tailpiece: Most amusing part is our PM didnot have independence even to pour scorn on his opponent. He was given a prepared text and he was asked to read from it. Some of the sternest parts of his comments were released in prepared form up front to the assembled media persons, and the Prime Minister merely asked that its contents be considered as read.

Gandhi Gen five launched

Today, The Gandhi family officially launched their Gen five from Priyanka - Rehan (7) and Maira (5) during the auspicious occasion of “"canvassing for mama" . The new offering from Gandhi family was escorted by an old loyal former pradhan of Chandosi gram sabha Kanhaiya. Even though nation has no doubts about capabilities of any new product from Gandhi Family, Mr. Singh humbly summed up their capabilities with an old Awadhi saying,

"Kathi ki bili bhi gungunati hai (even a cat in the house of a katha singer knows how to hum)."

He didnot clarify if it only hums or whether it catches mice also? I guess being Katha Singers cat brings its own benefits.

He also added how they needed no tutoring

"the two took to meeting people like fish takes to water". . "Gandhi parivar ke bachcho ko bhala kya samjhane ki zaroorat hai (where's the need to train a Gandhi kid)," 

Of course, who would disagree. Its all ingrained and preprogrammed into the special genes some may say pedigree. The villagers narrate stories of how one of them used to fly rockets even when he was 10 years old. I am sure it might be an exaggeration but as in case of Katha Singers cat who knows? 

Like a consummate politician, Little Rehan had a busy day, he hit it off with elders by bending down and touching their feet….. of course without any prompting(at least visible) and then parting with a crisp one-liner: "Rahul mama ko zaroor vote dijiye (please vote for Uncle Rahul)."  Rehan, while walking the lanes of Hardoia, a Dalit dominated area, stopped by an ailing old man. He inched closer, looked at the man and asked, "How are you uncle?" before repeating the all-important message. The children even walked into huts to meet and chat up veiled women who were reluctant to come out in presence of village seniors.

Its a proud day for the nation. The awestruck audience at Amethi watched with their mouths wide open. The Media gathered for witnessing the special occasion has gone hyper with Joy. Some of the anchors were seen weeping with joy, some even fainted at first sight of Gen 5. There is no truth in usual opposition canard that the degree of fainting/weeping was directly proportional to advertisement revenue from Government of India.

I only hope “Maira” changes her name when traveling to Kerala!! I can only imagine the face of Anthony trying to call the girl by her name………

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Even PM manmohan Singh gets Macho in front of Fairer Sex

The Heman-mohan Singh

Even Bhagwan Sri Krishna got  swayed in presence of fairer sex, then how can we blame Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for  making some macho statements in presence of capitals Women Journalists especially at a time when he is being called and his “strength” under evaluation.

Prime Minister speaking to Capital's women journalists became “unusually” combative and claimed that 

"I was very clear that if the nuclear deal had not gone through, I would have resigned as prime minister”

The surprise macho statement is completely opposite to what Manmohan Singh told his audience while replying to a question after he received the ‘Leader of the Year’ Award from NDTV. At that time he had said

I have already said that if the deal does not go through, it will be a disappointment but in life one has to learn to live with many disappointments

Why this myopia from so called secular leadership!!


Ashok Sahu is being hounded for his following statement in an interview:

"Who killed Swamiji? Did he not know that there would be dire consequences for such an act? If I say it too often, I am accused of being communal and blamed for spreading communal hatred," 


Laloo Prasad Yadav, threatens Varun with Gory death

"Had I been the country's home minister, I would have crushed Varun Gandhi under a roller and destroyed him without caring for the consequences for his hate speech against Muslims,"


Mr. Vaiko threatens to break India and bloodbath in Tamilnadu

“India would not remain one country” if Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa did not stop the war and if India did not urge him to stop the war.

"The Tigers will continue to fight the Sri Lankan army. If something happens to Prabhakaran, there will be bloodbath in Tamil Nadu.''


Senior congress leader kagodu Timmappa

Whosoever speaks of Hindutva, first their hands should be chopped off.


Imran Kidwai a senior Congress leader says on his regret on not being a mufti

"I regret not being a mufti. Had I been one, I would have issued just one fatwa that going with the BJP amounts to committing kufr".


Andhra Pradesh Congress committee president D Srinivas threatens to chopoff the hands

“any one pointing a finger against minorities will have his hand removed”.

Emancipation of PM Manmohan Singh


A rumor about how Manmohan Singh became PM