Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mr. PM: Its distasteful, disgusting and shameful!

Politics in India has sunk to a new low with Prime Minister of the country using language & taunts only heard among low level political rowdies. In the heat of election or perhaps to prove his strength, PM has started behaving like the shouting brigade from backbenches tasked to to shout down opponent during parliament debates!

lets see some of the phrases he used -

"I would not have been found weeping in the corner, when a mob of hoodlums was destroying the centuries' old mosque."

The last time I heard such phrase was during college times!!! SHOCKING!!

“I am the candidate from the Congress party. Why should I confer the status of an alternative Prime Minister on Advani

Two issue here,

Firstly, Mr. PM I hope you are aware that unlike BJP, congress has not committed you as PM  in their manifesto.

Secondly, Mr. PM by denying us the citizens of India the right to elect or reject you (on the assumption you would be the PM and since you are not fighting election) you have lost the moral right to criticize Advani on his candidature as PM. He has put  himself up in the court of people and we would decide whether we would like to confer him PM status or not. 

 "The difference between the UPA government and the NDA government is that they released terrorists while we killed nine and captured one alive."

Mr. PM there is one more difference if you may have not realized.  During Kandahar incident, a Minister risked his life and brought back 180 people alive while in 26/11, we lost about 190 people and we are still awaiting justice.

Moreover, its shameful that a person of your stature falsify history. It  is a known fact that the course of action on Kandhar was decided during an All Party meeting!

Tailpiece: Most amusing part is our PM didnot have independence even to pour scorn on his opponent. He was given a prepared text and he was asked to read from it. Some of the sternest parts of his comments were released in prepared form up front to the assembled media persons, and the Prime Minister merely asked that its contents be considered as read.

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