Saturday, April 04, 2009

MMS "loves" Obama also!!!

MMS to  Bush: “The people of India deeply love you,”

MMS has taken similar line with Obama. He said "You are much loved and respected in India." He even got a copy of Obama's book autographed for his daughter. The PM described him as having "brought a ray of hope" and said the youth looked up to him "as an icon".

The flattery laced language of MMS is shocking, he should remember that he is PM of worlds largest democracy and he should not do anything which will lower the self esteem of 1 Billion people whom he represent. 

Friday, April 03, 2009

Indian Secularism and Minorities


Wait ..there is BJP out there… only we can uplift you

Fancy dress will not win you elections


Indonesia a muslim nation has not forgotten its past


Garuda – Indonesia national symbol

ID138Ganesha on Indonesian currency 

UPA: A sinking ship?


Is IBN/Money control rigging online polls for Congress?

Money Control/IBN is conducting an Online poll in which they are asking you to “Choose your PM”. The strange thing is the positive votes for Manmohan singh is increasing exponentially. I refreshed screen 4 times in less than 2 minutes and in this short span of time the Positive votes for Manmohan Singhs vote increased by 853! While the votes for others remained same almost same.

But as always I think IBN goofed up as they forgot to “fix” the number of negative votes. MMS has highest negative votes 41094(almost double what LKA Got). He is in company with Madam Sonia who takes No. 01 position for negative votes(42420).

So the question is if MMS is so hugely popular(by the rate at which his +ive votes are increasing) how come he has so high on negative votes.

Refresh Time: 10.17 AM

Manmohan Singh

  • + ive Votes: 297665
  • -ive Votes: 41070


  • + ive Votes: 153205
  • -ive Votes: 24638

Refresh Time: 10.18 AM

Manmohan Singh

  • + ive Votes: 298154
  • -ive Votes: 41070


  • + ive Votes: 153207
  • -ive Votes: 24638

Refresh Time: 10.18 AM

Manmohan Singh

  • + ive Votes: 298346
  • -ive Votes: 41075


  • + ive Votes: 153208
  • -ive Votes: 24638

Refresh Time: 10.19 AM

Manmohan Singh

  • + ive Votes: 298518
  • -ive Votes: 41075


  • + ive Votes: 153209
  • -ive Votes: 24638



Thursday, April 02, 2009

errr…. please send her a high heel shoes please

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's wife Gursharan Kaur with US First Lady Michelle Obama

Pranab da: The perennial number 2

Its amazing how congress has sidelined Pranab da from PM position.

Pranab da is the man who has shouldered the most challenging of responsibilities for the government in the past five years. There were times in the past few years when he seemed to carrying a major part of the workload -- heading 150-odd GoMs and playing firefighter with allies -- and even Leader of Opposition L K Advani complimented him for his efficiency.

However, he has been completely sidelined from PM position because - 

  1. Personal Whim of Sonia Gandhi: According to Da, Congress president Sonia Gandhi was comfortable with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
  2. Second reason is more outrageous, his "inadequate'' knowledge of Hindi!!. This is shocking considering congress is ruling (and if fact surviving) due to the seats it won from south of India. I think this is a rule imposed by Gandhi family to exclude an influential section of party leadership (read south) from top post. Was APJ Kalam an expert in hindi? If Sonia who has zero knowledge of Hindi (infact any Indian Language) can become INC President why cannot Pranab become PM!!!
  3. Comes from a state which has been dominated by the Left. this is really childish!!! WB has given India top cream of political thinkers!!! and I didnot realise that congress has great strength in Italy!!!

Please pressurize Congress to consider Pranab da as congress PM candidate. Please visit and support the cause and please get your friends also to support this.


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Secular CPM


Kerala state secretary Pinnarai Vijayan sharing stage with Madhani An accused in Coimbatore bomb blast and let of because of lack of evidence, linked to several terrorist

Will  Pinnarai Vijayan  ever share a dias with a Hindu leader?

Sonia Gandhi’s Qualification


Everyone living in India is a 'Hindu': RSS

At his first public appearance after taking over as the new SarSanghchalak, Mohan BhagwatJi Said:

Hindu is not the name of community. It is a way of life. Each one who resides in Bharat, the greater Bharat before partition is a Hindu and should be proud of his or her identity. We are Hindu by nature and culture.

Hindusthan was not limited to the geographical entity called India.It is variously described as being a Bharatiya, an Arya or a Hindu. But this idea is emancipatory — this talks about the welfare of all. Ingrained in our philosophy, this is also known as Hindutva.

In the last 60 years of our Independence, many of our problems have not been addressed. We have changed rulers, we have changed governments, but true change can be brought by people’s aspirations... when they aspire to be world leaders. No neta (leader), Niti (policy), Raj (rule)... Can be complete without respect for people's aspiration. The aspiration of people of this country, who are Hindus irrespective of the religion they belong ... Is the welfare of humanity.

Recalling that Kalam had unveiled an encyclopedia on Hinduism recently, he said that every pronouncement of the former president had three essential ingredients — the need to respect India’s might (“Shakti ki aradhna”); ancient culture; and the belief that Hinduism was an amalgam of every other religion. Bhagwat also referred to Kurien’s book I too had a dream.

The 40-minute speech, as per the Sangh tradition, steered clear of politics

A Truly inspiring speech. I am sure RSS will reach new heights under Mohanji's guidance

Senior Congress leader Kagodu Timmappa: Cut the hands of those who say Hindutva

Literal translation of speech

Background: BJP candidate of uttara kannada(Canara/Karwar) had said that "He doesnt want even a single vote from Muslims, He would ask for vote only from Hindus,Jains,CHristians and Buddhists". 

The exact translation of the speech:

"why should only the carpenter do the wood work, Why should only Dhoby wash the clothes"
(comment: I dont understand How Hindutva /Hinduism is preventing others doing this work)

Eee Hindutva antha haluvera kayi(hand) munche kadi (chop) bheku
Whosoever speaks of Hindutva, first their hands should be chopped off.

" Ananthkumar hegde has said that he doesnt want minority vote and wants oinly majority vote, Who is Majority, When did these(Majority) people come here?"
(comment: He might be thinking that Muslims were original inhabitants of India, I really dont get what he meant)

"You people (Brahmins) are the one who does the pooja and we are here only to take prasad, Aren't you ashamed of it"
(comment: Current law permits one to worship even inside the temple if he has scholared the veda and follows the rules defined for it..In fcat in many temples of Karnataka even Non-brahmins perform Poooja..)

UPA State of affairs


  • NCP is part of UPA but donot accept manmohan singh as PM candidate. they even have line open with Third front.
  • RJD claims to be part of UPA but is fighting elections against congress. Congress is putting candidates against Laloo
  • LJP claims to be part of UPA but is fighting elections against congress. Congress is putting candidates against Paswan
  • SP Claims to be a UPA supported but is fighting elections against congress
  • In Tamil Nadu congress is a minority partner
  • In west Bengal Congress is a minority partner. Mamatas word is like an old cloth cannot be trusted

Does more than 50% of Middle Class & Youth Support BJP?

Social networking has continued to grow strongly in India. Orkut reigned as the most visited social networking site in December 2008 with more than 12.8 million visitors, an increase of 81 percent from the previous year. Orkut’s audience was three times the size of its nearest competitor in the category

And one can safely assume that Internet penetration is highest among Middle and upper middle class in India.

Keeping the above data points in mind, I evaluated some recent polls in a politically neutral orkut community and the the results were fairly consistent.

In most of the Polls, more than 50% of respondents voted in favor of BJP (or BJP led Alliance). Even though a sample size of approx. 250 may be very small to predict behavior of over 300 Million People, this can be considered a fairly good gauge of mood of Young (between 18-30) Indian Middle class.






Above is Demographic of Orkut

Please let BJP know your disgust – Save BJP from Congressisation

Please let BJP leadership know of your disgust on induction of Neera Yadav, who gained widespread notoriety for being voted the second most corrupt officer in Uttar Pradesh.

Please write to L. K Advani image

His email ID is

I could get email ID of one more office bearer Balbir Punj 

His email ID is

India do not have strength to bear one more congress.

# I have already written

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Neera Yadav – This is NOT what we expect from BJP

In a disgusting decision, BJP has inducted Neera Yadav into its fold! Ms Yadav  was voted as the second most-corrupt bureaucrat in the state by the UP IAS Officers’ Association in 1994-95 and she was country’s first IAS officer to be thrown out of her job on the orders of the Supreme Court

BJP would do well by throwing out these type of elements from party!

Fart Alert

Kicking off his election campaign, Rahul Gandhi said -

"We take India as a whole and want to keep it united. Our opposition rules by dividing the  country," 

Crown prince should be aware that India was partitioned and lost  half of Kashmir under the stewardship of congress

Bhay Ho !

Colours of election

Not sure if they have this in skyblue?

BalThackerayad_1_1.jpg Bal Thackeray election ads image by Nitajk

A Munnaibhai moment?

Whats in a name? - a lot atleast during election time in Kerala.

Confronted with a problem, you can trust keralite instinct to comeup with most ingenious(some say devious) solution for it.

Former UN undersecretary general and Congress Party candidate Shashi Tharoor is learning this the hardway. He is facing most serious threat from the most unexpected quarter in next month’s election. This threat comes from his two namesakes, Shashi Tharoor from Tharoor village in Palakkad, and Shashi Aroor who are contesting as independents against him.

Political parties in Kerala are known to put up independent candidates with names similar to opposition candidate to confuse the voters. This can make or break a candidates chances as the victory margins are razor thin.

The seriousness of the issue can be gauged from the fact that in the 2004 elections, Congress Party candidate V M Sudheeran lost by a slender margin of 1,009 votes from Alappuzha while his namesake V S Sudheeran cornered 8,352 votes which helped the Communist Party of India (Marxist)’s K S Manoj to scrape through.

Last week, workers of the United Democratic Front (UDF) launched a manhunt for Jose K Mani, son of K M Mani, who filed his nomination against its official candidate Jose K Mani, who is also son of K M Mani. When they could not trace him, they put up Suresh Kurup besides four other names similar to the CPM’s sitting MP.

Namesakes are also posing serious threats to candidates like junior foreign minister E Ahmed (Muslim League) and his CPM rival T K Hamza in Malappuram and former minister Mullappally Ramachandran (Congress) and his CPM rival P Satheedevi in Vadakara.

Where is the Anti-POTA brigade?

The Mayawati government in an unprecedented act invoked the provisions of the National Security Act against Varun Gandhi for inciting communal tension through his alleged speeches . Another charge leveled against Varun Gandhi was that he incited his supporters to resort to violence outside the CJM court. The maximum period of detention under the NSA is one year with no provision for bail.

But court granted bail to Varun Gandhi in both the cases that were lodged against him in connection with his alleged inflammatory speeches. However, he continues to remain in jail as the Uttar Pradesh Government has invoked the National Security Act (NSA) against him.

The silence of the self righteous secular and human brigade is deafening! Afterall, these were the same group who opposed POTA on the grounds that it violated human rights! They had the audacity to speak about human right for terrorists but they have given silent approval for NSA on Varun Gandhi!

Secular Hypocrisy

Communist Party of India (Marxist)  stand on POTA

The Vajpayee government enacted the Prevention of Terrorism Act (Pota), a draconian piece of legislation in the name of fighting terrorism. The Pota, like its precursor Tada, is being misused against political opponents.

The adoption of the POTA marks a new onslaught on the democratic
rights of citizens. It is in tune with the BJP-led government's aim to use the
"terrorism" plank to suppress dissent and target the minority community.

Brinda Karat justifies NSA against Varun

Justifying the Uttar Pradesh government's decision to slap the National Security Act (NSA) against Varun Gandhi, the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) on Monday said a strong message had to be sent to those making hate speeches.

Other speeches which media and assorted seculars choose to ignore -

  • Imran Kidwai a senior Congress leader says

"I regret not being a mufti. Had I been one, I would have issued just one fatwa that going with the BJP amounts to committing kufr".

AICC in-charge for Punjab Moshina Kidwai and party candidate and Union Minister Pawan Bansal were reportedly present at the public meeting in which Imran is alleged to have made this statement.

  • Congress announced an electoral understanding with Ittihad-e-Millat Council in Uttar Pradesh whose president Maulana Tauqeer Raza Khan has a penchant to announce bounty for head of people
    • He had given an open call to assassinate former US president George W Bush  during his India visit in March 2006. The organization had offered a reward of Rs 25 crore to anybody who would undertake the ‘holy mission'.
    • He had also announced a reward of Rs. 5 lakhs to anyone who beheads Ms. Tasmila Nasreen.

Raza Khan said he was aligning with Congress because “of its secular policies” and that he felt the need to “strengthen secularism”. 

  • In Hyderabad, congress is allied with Majlis-e-Iteehadul Muslimeen (MIM). Three MLAs of the All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen or MIM were among those who attacked Taslima Nasreen at hyderabad and as if to put salt on the would police instead of arresting people who lead the attack, booked Taslima Nasreen for promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, language — a charge that can get her two years in prison, if proven.
  • CPM's tie up with People's Democratic Party whose leader Abdul Nasser Madani, whose inflammatory speeches had led to several riots in kerala . Madani and his wife Sufia were allegedly involved in terror activities and recruiting youngsters for extremist organization. Madhani was also one of key suspects in Coimbatore Blast case but was released due to lack of evidence.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Black Money

Rs 700,00,00,00,00,000

is the amount of money which Indians have stashed in secret Swiss bank accounts. The amount involved constitutes 3-10 times India's overseas debt, and 50-120% of India's GDP. This money is sufficient to:

  • Relieve the debts of all farmers and landless
  • Build world-class roads all over the country from national and state highways to district and rural roads;
  • Completely eliminate the acute power shortage in the country and also to bring electricity to every unlit rural home;
    Provide safe and adequate drinking water in all villages and towns in India
  • Construct good-quality houses, each worth Rs. 2.5 lakh, for 10 crore families;
  • Provide Rs. 4 crore to each of the nearly 6 lakh villages; the money can be used to build, in every single village, a school with internet-enabled education, a primary health centre with telemedicine facility, a veterinary clinic, a playground with gymnasium, and much more.

And Indias response -

Transparency International (TI) said that India has maintained "a stoic silence over the issue and has not approached the German government for this data'' (The Economic Times, 25.5.2008). Some ministers in the UPA Government are reported to have made several trips to Switzerland as the personal leg of their official tours abroad.

*** TI’s response was specific to investigations pertaining LGT Bank in Liechtenstein