Saturday, September 19, 2009

Recipe for humorless twits= English humor + outdated Indian politician + uptight congress spokesperson

Relax guys, Take a deep breath in , release the air, let the muscles there relax completely… Smile

Friday, September 18, 2009

Holy Cow!!!!


Revenge of Holy Cows


Austerity Drive


I am an austere politician. Since I joined politics, I have never paid for anything.

Austerity Drive

Austerity Drive

Internationally Leftists collude to isolate India

Barely weeks after it failed in its attempt to block Asian Development Bank (ADB) funds to a project in Arunachal Pradesh, China has successfully struck back with the support of new found Ideological partners in Australia and Japan. China won a vote on a “disclosure agreement,” which prevents ADB from formally acknowledging Arunachal Pradesh as part of India. (A disclosure agreement is a formal notification of a project once it’s approved by the ADB Board).

Countries who colluded with China’s to Isolate India are Japan, Australia and a group of other South East Asian countries. The only commonality between the countries which colluded against India is either they have a LEFT government or are Muslim majority.

We are still unsure on views of China sidekicks in India - CPM & CPI. I also wonder how this time our esteemed foreign minister will make light of this serious issue. Surprisingly, UPA government called off high-level meeting to discuss alleged Chinese border intrusions because of differences between the external affairs ministry and the Prime Minister's Office on the one hand and the defense ministry on the other

The external affairs ministry has publicly tried to downplay the reported incursions while defence ministry has pitched for a more assertive approach. Its shocking that even on such an important issue UPA government could not make up its mind well

I guess it might have something to do with current austerity mood in government. This is Austerity in taking decisions

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Austerity.. Ya right..Rahul Gandhi’s flying visit to Tamil Nadu cost over Rs.1 crore

It seems the Crown Princes austerity starts and ends in front of TV cameras.  His recent travel bill during his three-day visit down south ran to seven figures, not exactly a sum the word “austerity” conjures up. At about Rs.1.5 lakh an hour for a helicopter, and Rs. 1.1 lakh an hour for the Beechcraft aircraft that Mr. Gandhi used for most of the long haul, his Tamil Nadu darshan would have cost the Indian National Youth Congress over Rs. 1 crore in helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft hire charges

Austerity overdrive

Taking cue from Crown prince… People on Austerity overdrive. Or is it because Crown prince is inside every one is outside the train?

Meet Sheik Al Chiranjeevi….


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To increase YSR Myth: Congress trades Dead

Inspite of best efforts by Rudali Media and Congress, Investigations has confirmed what sane people across India had suspected all along. Scores of people who had died supposedly of shock following YSR’s tragic death had died of natural causes. Congress had literally bought(yes as in buying)  dead to add to YSR Myth.

In fact Congress effort to spread the lies about the deaths was so elaborate that Congress Legislature Party (CLP) periodically released 'bulletins' on the number of deaths due to heart attacks and suicides to the media, attributing them to Reddy's sad end. And the faithful Rudali media diligently kept feeding the gullible nation!

Local Congress leaders including a state minister paid the families Rs 5,000 for each dead to attribute the death of their loved ones to shock.

It seems it all started with the death of 70-year-old Uppalaiah, a potter from the remote Lakshmipuram village of Parakala mandal. A local Congressman smelling opportunity informed Sakshi television channel, owned by Jaganmohan, that Uppalaiah had died of a heart attack after watching the news of Reddy's death on television. And then everything is history. The cruel fact is Uppalaiah's was desperately poor family who does not own a television set!

Even Chukka Sayamma, an 80-year-old woman died in her sleep was not spared.

Political Humor

Jihad fail!

Its not austerity, its atrocity

I guess the word on the austerity drive of the UPA government has clearly not reached their Cabinet ministers as they only want nothing but the finest. We have  Cabinet Ministers using  spanish wall tiles in their chambers to Italian porcelain in toilets . Some asre busy improving health opf poor organizing five star conferences.

Almost One in every Three babies in the world, who die before they are four weeks old is in India. Also about 47% of children under the age of five in India are malnourished, and around 30% of babies are born underweight. All this moved our honorable Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad so much that he decided to organise a program on Neonatal Health at a five star hotel in Jaipur. The meeting attended by over 180 delegates, was addressed by Union Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad and attended by Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

The cost of hiring a hall in city's Rambagh Palace hotel is about Rs 3 lakhs plus taxes, the cost of lunch there is Rs 1,500 per head plus taxes. if only he could have spend this money on some hospital, it could have save few lives.

Then we have another set of ministers who are determined to make a statement with their office (and toilet) decor. One Minister of State has even demanded a new toilet “on the back side of her seat” in keeping with Vaastu. Common theme with all toilets seems to be “Italian” fittings. Guess Loyalty matters even in affairs of toilet – Mantra is “I think of High command even when I am in toilet”

  1. Udyog Bhawan office of Vilasrao Deshmukh, Union Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises.Estimate: Rs 17.54 lakh. 
  2. Udyog Bhawan office of Anand Sharma, Union Minister for Commerce and Industry.Estimate: Rs 14.78 lakh.
  3. Shastri Bhawan office of Jitin Prasada, Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Gas seems to have a weakness of fittings in toilet. He wants All fittings of his toilets to be of Kohler make and Counter of bathroom to be of Italian marble(Damn here also italian…)

People clearly not amused by the fake austerity measures of UPA. No wonder the Amritsar-New Delhi Shatabdi express in which Rahul Gandhi was travelling was stoned near Panipat

Political cartoons

Political Cartoons

As usual Congress is Running with the hare and hunting with the hounds

Dr Singh yesterday told national gathering of police chiefs that Maoist rebels now pose the gravest threat to India's internal security and accepted that his government is losing the battle against Maoist rebels

However, Jharkhand Governor K Sankaranarayanan  who was at one time finance minister in A K Anthony government in Kerala  is making pro-Maoist moves aimed at gaining their support in favor of the Congress for Assembly election.

In a statement branding all police martyrs and political leaders killed by Maoists as corrupt he said

Naxalites do not harm honest police officers

I guess under this governors regime no policeman would dare sacrifice his life fighting maoist as there is a risk that the government will brand him as corrupt.

Congress has come out strongly supporting the Governor, Jharkhand affairs-in-charge of the Congress K. Keshav Rao said

“The governor only meant that rebels don’t harass honest officials unnecessarily. The rebel problem is a socio-economic one and it can be solved through talks. We are ready to talk with rebels here, but they have to lay down their arms first,”

It seems our PM is either totally out of loop from his party or he lying through his teeth.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ie in Hare Congress mode: Anti congress message offensive


Readers decide whats offensive in above message

Austerity Measures UPA missing wood for the trees

For entire day yesterday, NDTV headlines centered around austerity drive of congress. The headlines ranged from Sonia Gandhi traveling economy class to austerity lunch of  Mr UN Tharoor. I can understand they ignoring “Man-eating” government in Gujarat snatching four seats from the Congress, winning five out of seven seats. if people of gujarat wants to get eaten by their own givernment its their problem. But how could they ignore our DemiGod Tendulkar’s century which he himself described “as one of his best innings”. I guess for NDTV its a case of grapes gone sour. I think they are now more focusing on film personalities after they lost their bid for telecast rights of IPL II.

At one point I almost expected a commercial break during NDTV news announcing “This part of news is brought to you by congress marketing team”

Anyway what NDTV will not tell you is Sonia Gandhi flying Economy  to Mumbai is only one part of story. The story will be more complete if they tell you the entire expense of Sonia flyging to Mumbai. Add to the expenses, the costs of fares for five rows reserved for the security personnel and the three SUVs flown down to Mumbai by another aircraft at the cost of rupees three lakh. The total expenses of the economy class travel with 15 seats in all were Rs 55,000 compared to the travel in business class with six security personnel at the cost of Rs 62,000. The savings were a mere Rs 7,000.

Never Kick any Ass Pranab learns the hard way

Nature has strange way of getting even with people. How else can you explain the irony of   Union Finance Minister Mr. Pranab Mukharge presenting the ‘FASTEST MOVER AWARD’ in the Law and Order category to Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa.

The award was constituted by India Today Group

I guess he may have never heard the famous corporate mantra for longevity  “Never Kick any Ass you never know when you may have to kiss the same”.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Renuka Chaudhary gets a follower in Bina Kak

I am not sure whats the deal with congress Women and Child Development ministers, atleast some of them do have a soft corner for liquor. earlier, If it was Minister of State for Women and Child Development Renuka Chaudhary who gave clarion call for “Pub Bharo”, now its Rajasthan woman and child development minister Bina Kak who is attending a beer promotion party.

Chidambaram returns back after meeting US