Saturday, October 10, 2009

CPM Led Kerala Govt. Appointment and Promotions

This circular is to announce  last years promotions in Kerala Government

Senior CPM leader and Kerala Health Minister P K Sreemathi daughter-in law Dhanya V Nair  has been promoted to the post of  Minister’s( mother in law) additional personal assistant . She was promoted after her two year glorious service as cook of minister Sreemathi. She is now eligible for pension for rest of her life. This promotion also effects some fringe benefits such as monthly salary the daughter-in-law’s salary has been increased to the scale of 10,790-18,000  from a cook’s scale of Rs 4,300-5,930.  

The post was vacated by Jijinth Raj, Sreemathi’s nephew and the son of another senior CPM leader, E P Jayarajan.   Jijinth Raj got a job abroad…..

The minister was not available for comment as she was on an official tour to the Gulf.

Its amusing how CPM who considers themselves as Doyens of women liberation has no qualms appointing their Daughter in law as cook and personal assistant!!!

Friday, October 09, 2009

NASA Bombs moon for water


Not to be left behind India also starts exploring moon for water.

President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize


UPA Austerity Drive: Netas board economy, fly luxury

Pilots of the erstwhile Indian Airlines have blown the lid off the UPA's ongoing austerity drive which has seen ministers and MPs making a proud show of flying economy. In a letter to the airline management, they alleged that ``some'' ministers and MPs insisted on an upgrade — that is seats in business class — after boarding the aircraft on economy tickets.

Some VVIPs, the Indian Commercial Pilots Association (ICPA) complained, even ``forcibly occupy seats in J (business) class''.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Shocking Partisan politics by Congress which will threaten the federal system of India!

Centre has given measly sum of Rs 52.26 crore as flood relief to Karnataka which is in stark contrast to the Rs 156.84 crore released for Andhra Pradesh, a state ruled by the Congress.

Floods in Karnataka affected about 15 lakh people involving 15 districts and about 5 lakh people in five districts of Andhra Pradesh. While the toll in Karnataka has already crossed the 200 mark, it’s less than 60 in Andhra. The total loss due to floods is pegged at Rs 16,500 crore while Andhra’s estimates are Rs 12,500 crore.

It’s not the first time the central relief is perceived as step-motherly. Just about two months ago Karnataka sought Rs 2,000 crore for drought relief, but got only Rs 150 crore.

Earlier also Congress at centre had played politics with calamity relief, Last year UPA government asked Bihar to refund of Rs 1,000 crore given to the State by the Centre as relief for Kosi flood victims.

Quote of the day


I would love to visit India since my family and I have spent some of the best years of our lives in the country

when the lady of first family is your country  mate and when you are on first name basis with exPM of nation, you can have all the pleasures which is unavailable to us lesser mortals,

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Whom are you smoking Rahul?


And its just a coincidence that every time this  human being happens to be a Dalit in Uttar Pradesh

Sheer Hypocrisy

Media is celebrating an Indian Origin person getting Nobel price. Nothing wrong in it. We should be proud.


but will same media call Sonia Gandhi Italian Origin?

Welcome to Dalit Tourism Sponsored by Congress

After the Congress’ austerity drive, it is now the turn of the party’s Uttar Pradesh Dalit agenda to go down the tokenism route. 

In a classic case of political symbolism gone wrong, a swarm of UP leaders descended on Dalit settlements across UP on Gandhi Jayanti in a bid to emulate Gandhi. But, unlike Gandhi, several of his present generation footsoldiers made sure they were not short of any amenities or conveniences. Some netas accompanied by big bands of chelas, went to the extent of hiring their own cooks, bringing food supplies and even disposable plates to dinner.

Kanpur MP and Union minister for coal Shri Prakash Jaiswal had a fun time in Dwarikapuri, a Dalit enclave, what with music, film show, meal rustled by professional caterers, generators and fans that were switched on at midnight when the entire area was plunged into darkness and a water tanker in attendance for the hosts as he turned to the mineral water bottle.

Mosquito nets were put in place for Pramod Tiwari in Pratapgarh,  while thermocol and plastic plates were brought along by Annu Tandon. Also, people were made to wait for commando Kamal Kishore, the Bahraich MP and one-time bodyguard of Rajiv Gandhi, while he was eating dinner elsewhere.When Union minister Pradip Jain reached a Jhansi village after midnight, his supporters woke up every single resident as "mantriji had arrived".

Moradabad MP and former cricketer Azharuddin,  brought his cooks along and had elaborate meals which included chicken biryani and kebabs.  In fact, he snubbed his hosts by rejecting their food and refused to shake hands with the Dalit village elder. Witnesses said when the elder of Khadar village approached him to offer him a poori , the celebrated former batsman refused to allow him near while his supporters jostled him away.

As usual, congress mp’s made sure the the hardship they suffered during sleepover at Dalit homes didnot go unnoticed. Details like house number and villages that the leaders were to visit were announced to media in advance.  Thus ensuring media cameras recorded and relayed their every action .

Former Indian cricket team captain and Moradabad MP Mohammed Azharuddin summed it up when he reportedly told newspersons in Rae Bareilly.

You would not be able to eat what we ate