Friday, July 14, 2006

And we said Bring it on..

Dear Terrorist Bhai,

Thanks for your message and firecrackers. We have received it. Unfortunately some of my brothers were not careful enough with the firecrackers and burnt themselves. We have admitted them in hospital. Please donot worry, we are taking good care of them. I am sure you would be pleased to know that inspite of all the risk all our neighbors were there to support us . Even Afsal Mia (with whom we quarreled few years back) was also there.

Have I told you about your uncles Babar, Ghazni and Ghori. They also used to visit us and send us occasional gifts.They looked very much like you but they were more stronger. They used to break all our household items like temple. Some times they would even tease our aunties. One aunty even committed suicide because of them. Unfortunately, they are no more. I heard they died very sad. Its gods grace that we are still here and are happier than ever. We have even managed to rebuild some of the Temples they broke.

Hope your uncles across the mountains are doing ok. Please tell them that we are overwhelmed by their generosity and gifts which they keep sending us. Please tell them that we will visit them soon and we would reciprocate in kind, if not more. After all we have to take care of our izzat also.

Bhai, As a reciprocal gesture to your gift we have decided to take care of some of your friends here. We have invited them for a feast. We will let you know the details of the event in next message.

Please be careful of the firecrackers. You have bad habit of playing with them, they might explode in your hand. I still remember the last April fool, when you were fooled by the promise of those 72 Dolls. We had a good laugh when you believed your uncles and burnt yourself to get those 72 Dolls. you are really naive.

Bhai, I have to run. Its getting late for work. We are not lucky like you, we donot have rich uncles ready to feed us.

So until next time.

you know who

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A case in Contrast: Israel imposes Lebanon blockade

Israel is imposing an air and sea blockade on Lebanon as part of a major offensive after two soldiers were seized by the militant group Hezbollah.

Israeli warships have entered Lebanese water to block ports, and its only international airport was closed after Israeli missiles blew up its runways.

SIMI not a terrorist organisation: SP

SIMI is not a terrorist organisation. Some of its members may be involved in terrorist activities and action should be taken against them," Samajwadi Party state general secretary and state PWD minister Shivpal Singh Yadav told reporters here.

Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav also appeared to take a soft stand on the outfit, saying it had not been found to be involved in the Varanasi blasts and the terrorist attack in Ayodhya.

"SIMI was not found to be involved in the two main terrorist incidents in the state," Mulayam told reporters in an informal chat here.

The news

Simply Amazing!!!

Todays Article in Asian Age Titled " Fallout of city’s extreme politics?" by Olga Tellis
The mostly widely believed reason for Tuesday’s serial bomb blasts is the confrontation between two extremist political forces in Mumbai’s politics. The Shiv Sena on the one side and Muslim reactionary forces on the other. This is being widely seen as most explicable reason for the escalating violence that erupted into this unpardonable calamity of Tuesday’s serial blasts on the Western Railway.

Shiv Sena executive president Uddhav Thackeray had on Sunday evening, after the six hours of Shiv Sainiks going on a rampage, said in a fit of bravado that "those who think that they can provoke us have now got their answer." He was referring to the fact that the Shiv Sena was a united force and could hit back at people who provoke them. The people he had in mind were the ones who created the confrontation between the police and the people in Bhiwandi. This led to the brutal killing of two policemen in civilian clothes.

The Shiv Sena’s rampage in the city on Sunday following the defacement of the statue of Meenatai, wife of Sena supremo Bal Thackeray, has been seen as a show of strength after the Bhiwandi rioting. The Shiv Sena has a growing presence in Bhiwandi and has been in confrontation with Samajwadi Party city unit chief Abu Azmi, who had lost in the last Assembly elections from Bhiwandi.

The reply to Uddhav’s statement, which was quite a challenge, came in the form of the 30 minutes that saw eight bombs rip through the Western Railway network killing over 200 people, injuring over 500 and left several scores missing. These unnamed forces Uddhav Thackeray mentioned (only he knew to whom he was referring) struck back to show that their power was more lethal than looting and going on a rampage.

This point-counterpoint, or action-reaction, according to some intelligence sources, has been going on ever since the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya in December 1992 by Sangh Parivar elements. As an answer to this, underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is said to have masterminded the March 12, 1993 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, which had left 275 people dead. RDX was used for the first time to deadly effect in this action.
Now Seculars are hard at work to prove beyond doubt that Poor Terrorists are unnecessarily blamed. They were just reacting(or protecting) to provocation!

Who will tell this Lady(i am restraining myself against abusing her) that it takes months of planning to carryout something like this. Who will educate her that RDX cannot be bought from any Kirana store or it do require training to carryout such a major operation.

Now it seems that all the root cause of Bomb Blasts is Sangh Parivar! I waiting for the day when 9/11 will also be blamed on Sangh Parivar!

The Sword of Damocles

Eureka Eureka! Today our Home Minister has let us into the big secret that SIMI is involved in Mumbai blasts. However, it might be anti climax for him when he realise that this is the same group which was suspected to be involved in July 28, 2005, Shramjeevi Express explosion near Jaunpur and the Varanasi serial blasts of March 7, 2006

To the unaware SIMI was first banned in 27 September 2001 for their Antinational and Terrorist activities.

I being a simpleton was relieved. I assumed that our government is taking all the steps to keep the SHAITAN called SIMI in leash. However, I was for a rude shock when I realised:-

That our SECULAR UP Governement supported by congress and assorted Seculars is Opposing ban of SIMI on grounds that
it had not carried out any unlawful activities in the state after September 2005.
The state government is planning to withdraw criminal cases against the alleged masterminds of the 2001 Kanpur riots, including the state chief of the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) Mohammad Amir and also the two accused of killing the then ADM (finance) CP Pathak.
Interesting to Note that it was soon after the Kanpur communal flare-up in 2001 that the Centre had declared SIMI an outlawed outfit.

In my shock I decided to find Solace with MOTHER OF SECULARS, the Holy CPM, the other major component in UPA Government. Here I was for bigger shock when I realised that in just concluded state elections, CPM was supported by none other than
Coimbatore Bomb Blast Master Mind Abdul Madani’s PDP, ISI-backed jehadi outfit Jamaat-e- Islami. SIMI started as Student Wing of Jamaat-e- Islami. The People’s Democratic Party (PDP),ultra-radical National Development Front (NDF), Muslim Youth Cultural Forum, Karuna Foundation, Muslim Aikya Vedi, Sahridaya Vedi, Samskara Vedi, Solidarity Students Movement and the Movement for Protection of Islamic Symbols etc are under police scanner for SIMI presence ‘‘Yes, they(simi) went into other organisations after the ban came. We can’t do anything about it,’’ says the state DGP Raman Shrivastava. My shock was complete when I realsied that SIMI had organised a meeting of its top 25 leaders at Kozhikode last year, and a radical cleric from Lakshwadeep took classes for it in Malappuram.

Now I am confused How will our UPA Govt who owes its survival to Samajwadi Party, CPM etc who inturn owes their survival to Muslim Radical Organisations will take action against them.

More than Confused I guess I am scared!

In its latest study on SIMI, the South Asia Terrorism portal says, "In an age when 'zero-tolerance' is the declared policy towards any terrorist challenge to India's security, the official response has been marked by a typical mix of administrative lethargy, political opportunism and lack of a coherent policy."

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Its only numbness now

Another Place, Another Serial Blast, Few Hundred more lost their life and became statistics in the list of sacrificial Lambs sacrificed at the altars of Islamic Terrorism. Who cares!

It was pain & sorrow when we first saw 1993 Mumbai bombings where a series of 13 bomb exploded killing more than 250 Innocent People. It turned to anger when we saw our Parliament - Temple of our Democracy being attacked. Now all the Attacks and Serial Bomb Blasts has just become statistics. It has become an monthly affair and
just adds to our Numbness.

After Mumbai blasts we thought the terrorist would be hounded, dead would be vindicated but we saw to our dismay the chief architect - Dawood Ibrahim enjoying the hospitality of our neighbor and marrying of his daughter with usual pomp under full media glare. Our media fell over each other to cover the event. It was sickening when we saw our cricketers, Celebrities and politicians enjoying his hospitality! Then came the shock of attack on parliament, we were told that "Laxman Rekha was crossed". We were lucky that atleast in this case we pretended to react. However, to our dismay our Secularists friends formed
All India defense Committee to protect one of the main accused. In the end Supreme court acquitted SAR Geelani But Asked some very uncomfortable questions

What more can we expect when rioters who are killed during police action also gets compensation (Bhiwandi rioters got Rs.1 Lakh ). While compensation is still elusive for parliament Attack widows.
Atleast, I am convince that our Maharshtra Government considers everyone equal. Perhaps thats why Innocent Victim of Terrorist Attack get same compensation as rioter (Deshmukh has announced a compensation of Rs one lakh for the relatives of those killed in Mumbai Bomb Blast) .Where our Secular Politicians are falling over each other to Free Abdul Nasser Madhani Chief Architect of Coimbatore blasts which killed more than 50 people. Where a State Minister Haji Yaqoob Qureishi announces a cash reward of Rs 51 crore for anyone who beheads the Danish cartoonist who caricatured Prophet Mohammad and still gets away with it!

In the mayhem of course our ministers worked overtime to bring humor. to the situation.

When informed of Attacks our Home Minister
said that Mrs Sonia Gandhi had been informed. It's good that even in this critical time the central government did not forget its priorities.

The Kashmir government spokesmen said that the terrorist blasts occurred to divert attention from the PoK elections. Was any great attention being paid to those elections?

I am waiting for Laloo to appoint another U. R Banerjee Commission, who after months of investigation will find out that it was not bombs which exploded it was cooking cylinders. He would add that it is common practice in Mumbai that people cook in first class compartments.

As always we are awaiting to hear the feeble reassuring words of our PM. I am sure he is working hard to get a go ahead from all the other PM's ("S"PM, "C"PM...)

All this while we were jealously watching other nations proactively protecting the citizens. US attacked 2 countries,Israell invaded Gaza to protect a single Army Person. Let them do what ever they want, We will not react after all we are SECULAR, NON ALIGNED REPUBLIC. We are second most populous nation, we can effort people getting killed


Compensation to Dead Rioter of Bhiwandi: Rs. 1 Lakh
Compensation to Dead Innocent Victim of Mumbai Train Blast: Rs 1 Lakh

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Don’t call us Asian: British Hindus

Majority of Hindus in Britain do not like to be described as Asian, but want to be called British Indian, Hindu or even 'desi', according to a survey.

The survey, 'Connecting British Hindus', to be published in the British Parliament on Tuesday, showed that 80 per cent of the respondents prefer to be called British Indian or British Hindus

Britain's 700,000 Hindus are the country's third largest faith group after Cristians and Muslims.


Monday, July 10, 2006

North Korea's firing of Taepodong-2 missile ended in failure

Japan and the United States have confirmed that North Korea's test firing of a Taepodong-2 missile ended in failure after parts of it fell off near its launch site on Wednesday, officials said.

North Korea launched the Taepodong-2 at about 5 a.m. on Wednesday from a site in Musudanri. It was the third of the seven missiles North Korea test-fired that day.

[My comments: Pakistan may want to check the warranty of their Ghauri-1 and Ghauri-2 ]