Saturday, July 11, 2009

President… we should lose Hindsight…..


The red-blooded presidents of the US and France study a matter of international interest today - a 17-year-old junior delegate at the G-8 in Italy.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Now a Muslim University to teach Muslims

Union Budget has allocated 25 crore each for the AMU to set up campuses at Murshidabad in West Bengal and Malappuram in Kerala. Outside Kashmir, Murshidabad in West Bengal & Malapurram in Kerala are the only two Muslim majority districts in India. The significance of establishing a Aligarh “Muslim” University in “Muslim” majority districts is not lost to anyone!

One fails to understand the logic behind establishing a AMU campus in these districts. If iot was done for furthering the cause of education &  in these Muslim majority districts then AMU is hardly the best choice! Is it being assumed that a “Muslim” university will be best placed to spread higher education in the area. AMU is not known for its pursuit of all-round excellence. Except for its contribution to Mughal history, made about three decades ago, very little emanating from AMU merits the adjective, ‘excellent’. The university once supported Partition and has been known for harboring communal ideas.

This comes immediately after Mamata announcing free monthly season tickets for  students attending Madrassa, High Madrassa and senior Madrasa. At this pace, day is not far when this “secular” government would announce reservation for Madrassa students, they are anyway now considered par with CBSE students!

Under the present circumstance, one cannot be faulted for believing this move to be one of several steps to appease Muslims. The reasons behind the idea are communal and therefore dangerous for the nation!

Today is Guru Puja

Ancient Hindu texts and traditions have put the guru or the teacher on a pedestal higher than that of God. And Guru Purnima is a time to be grateful, to express gratitude towards, and bow before, the guru.

RSS holds the saffron flag as its guru and therefore the supreme. At the outset, the Sanghachalak performs puja of the saffron flag to mark the beginning of the celebrations. This is a time when each swayamsevak offers the “samarpan rashi”, a token amount of monetary contributions towards the organisation.

It may be hard to believe for many but RSS runs on this Samarpar Rashi. If you would like to offer “samarpan rashi” Please visit nearest shakha.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Looking at Humorous side of 377


One of several other excuses…


A conversation between two convicts serving life sentence….


Are militants trying to replicate “Hezbollah Model” in Kashmir?

In a first of its kind, Pak-based terror groups fired Three rockets from the Pakistan side of the border with two of them landing in Indian villages, injuring a youth. Luckily, the rockets missed the village and landed in the field. The blasts were so powerful that it created a 10Ft crater!

Why no chaddis are being send to Shiela Dixit

Last year assorted secular activists made a huge hue and cry when few ladies were assaulted in a Pub in Magalore. They launched Pink Chaddi campaign. Union Minister Renuka Choudhary even went a step further by asking people to launch Pub Bharo  campaign. While not justifying that act, it seems the arm chair women activists has conveniently forgotten the real areas of concern.

Delhi has become dreaded for women. A woman is raped in the Indian capital every 1000th Minute!.

From a 18-months old child to a 80-year-old woman none are safe in Delhi.  A latest government data shows that national Capital is one of the most unsafe city among the four metros in India, with Delhi witnessing a rape in every thousand minutes. The statistics prepared by National Crime Records shows that Delhi city, excluding the rural areas. The figures are more dreadful if we include data from whole of Delhi, including rural areas, in these areas 598 rape cases were registered in 2007, that is, every 878.9 minutes, a rape is taking place! For Mumbai the figure was 3020.7 minutes.

Will Shiela Dixit please wake up…..

A Swayamsewak demonstrates how to cycle to ministerdom and win elections on Rs 2500

When other legislators pages for car at Vidhana Soudha, he walks to the scooter stand. Only on the advice of his doctor after he started suffering from spondylitis did he purchase a car, a second-hand one at that. He is yet to set foot on foreign soil

He is S Suresh Kumar law and urban development minister in chief minister B S Yeddyurappa's minsitry. Suresh's association with the RSS started very early. He joined the organisation when he was in the fourth standard.

Suresh's involvement in underground activities protesting against the Emergency in 1975 landed him in jail for 15 months. It was his talk "on the ill effects'' of the Emergency to Commonwealth country delegates at Hotel Ashok that made the party top brass spot his leadership potential. he recalls.

"The government convinced delegates that the situation here was normal. Though there was heavy security in the hotel, I gave the police the slip and entered the bus in which the delegates were about to go to Mysore, and explained that all was not well in the country due to the Emergency,''

Let6s pray RSS continues to produce such Idealists….