Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is MP = Minister on Parole?

In 2004, the UPA Ministry narrowly missed a golden opportunity of appointing First foreign born Prime Minister. However, it seems that are trying to makeup for missing the " firsts". Now they have the distinction of having the first Union minister to be convicted of murder. Other honorable "MP's" in the ministry are

Lalu Prasad, Railway Minister: Facing trial in five cases of Rs 1,000 cr fodder scam and a separate disproportionate asset case

Jaiprakash Yadav, Minister of State for Water Resources: Dropped from the Cabinet last year after he forced the police officials to release his brother involved in booth capturing during the elections. As Minister for Minor Irrigation in Bihar's Rabri Devi Government, Jaiprakash Yadav was named as accused by State's Vigilance Department under several provisions of the Prevention of Corruption Act

MAA Fatimi, Minister of State for HRD: Alleged to have had close nexus with kidnapper/ extortionist syndicate. The then (1998) DSP of Darbhanga, Rama Shankar Rai, had stated in a report of a kidnapping case (No. 133/98): "To conclude from the study of facts and details, it is clear that the criminals had links with Fatimi." A warrant of arrest was also issued against Fatimi in 1998.

Mohd Taslimuddin, Minister of State for Agriculture: Apart from his violent and criminal record that compelled him to quit the Deve Gowda Ministry, he has suppressed several cases against him in his affidavit while filing nominations for the 2004 general elections.

Premchand Gupta, Minister of State for Company Affairs: ED has charged him in a $4.5 million embezzlment case.

How much more our democracy can sink? We have a HRD minister who is accused of Extortion and Kidnapping. I guess "Human Resource Management" takes a entirely different meaning here.

My question to Prime Minister is
Doctor what happened? We trusted you! Isnt it time that you took a stand. Your silence in issues ranging from Arunachal Pradesh to Minority appeasement is Deafening! Otherwise there is only one this which this nation will ask you "Et tu, Brutus"