Friday, July 03, 2009

The untold story of 2008's terrorist attack

Microsoft Ie8 Ad: Outrageous or funny you decide…

I am still trying to figure out if the puke was for the ie8 or for the porn!

Warm Welcome, Gay Pride.. All are mindless imports of western culture

Some time back, I received a meeting agenda from one of my colleagues in Delhi. The first item in agenda read “Warm Welcome by xxxx”. I was a bit taken back on why would a person want more warmth on a 45 degree Delhi Summer Noon. Given an option he would prefer a glass of cold  water in a cold air-conditioned space.  My colleague got shock of his life when he saw the agenda revised to ““Cold Welcome by xxx”. Needless to say, that agenda never saw daylight…

The concept of “Warm Welcome” is a ridiculous copy from western countries with cold climate. In these places, you try comfort a person by warming him up when he arrives from freezing temperature outside.

On similar lines, What is the point in gays taking out gay pride marches in India! The Gay Pride marches were organized to commemorating the anniversary of the Stonewall riot. The Stonewall riots were a series of  violent demonstrations against a police raid that took place on June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Inn(which was owned by Mafia), in the Greenwich Village, New York City. Will people in United states take out march to commemorate say ……  “Jallianwala Bagh Massacre”. 

This brings up next issue – is it correct that a section of society takes out marches openly flaunting their sexual preferences? I agree with the argument that Government has no business in deciding the sex of ones bed/life partner. It is ones personal choice. But on similar lines, minorities should respect sensitiveness of majority. Imagine a child watching a Gay Pride March and asking for explanation from a heterosexual parents!! 

Tail piece: During my first visit to US.. Year back… I invited one of my colleagues for a fag(lingo for smoking together).. I still remember his face….

And the debate goes on…


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Waiting to be a citizen of Gandhistan…

From airports to metro stations, Rajiv Gandhi's name is a popular choice. latest being Bandra-Worli sea link being named after Rajiv Gandhi. Is congress so unimaginative that it cannot think beyond Gandhi Family portfolio of names?

Anyway I am not surprised as Congress even wanted to rename Amethi after Rajiv Gandhi!!! I wonder when India would be renamed as Gandhistan….

Will help family 'unplanning': Kerala church

Worried over what it calls the decline in the numbers of its community young, the Catholic Church in Kerala is planning medical schemes for reversal of tubectomy among women and remedial support for infertile couples.

Fr Jose Kottayil, secretary to Kerala Catholic Bishops Council’s (KCBC) Commission for Family, said the church wants financially-sound families to beget more than two children.

“The church will extend support to women who want to undergo reversal of tubectomy or recanalisation. For this, the church will work out cost-effective packages in the hospitals it runs.”

Imagine the out cry it would have caused if a Hindu Leader had said the same thing!!! In fact, the entire assorted secular brigade went into a trance when Sudarshanji raised the same issue few years back.

Sangh schools score high in Orissa

The NCERT calls its textbooks

"designed to promote bigotry and religious fanaticism in the name of inculcating knowledge of culture in the young generation."

Sagarika Ghose in an Indian Express article wrote about it as

An invisible army hides in the forests of Orissa, growing stronger every day.

Arjun Singh promised to Ban it

Tehelka in an article "A Strange And Bitter Crop" exposed their dangerous plans to bring up young children "‘the Hindu way" by making them chant Brahminical chant — Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo Maheshwara.

All these dooms day prophecies by all knowing seculars make one wonder like in English movies… Who are these people?…..

Well these people are RSS run Vidya Bharathi educational institutions. Some of prominent schools under Vidya Bharathi unbrella are Ekal Vidyalaya (26850 Schools), Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandirs etc.

This year for High School Certificate examinations in Orissa, 44 of the top 102 students were from Saraswati Shishu Vidya Mandirs. In fact, seven of the top 10 ranks are from SVMs. Trends over the past six years have shown that SVMs generally do better than other schools in the state. Last year too, these RSS-run schools had done well with 15 of its students securing top-20 positions.

From humble beginnings in 1978, the march of these RSS-run schools is a success story that has not been highlighted much. Today, there are over 11,000 Acharyas and Gurumas (teachers) in 739 SVMs across the state who live a no-frills life to teach 1.8 lakh students from kindergarten to Class XII for a pittance.

Pitabas Mehena, father of this year’s topper, Bibek Bishal Mehena says

“Though the teachers get lower salaries than their counterparts in government-run high schools, no one can beat them when it comes to dedication towards their students. For them it is a mission,”

Dharanidhar Nath, president of Board of Secondary Examination, the body that conducts the HSC examination.

“In government schools, teachers teach just for the sake of it. In Shishu Mandirs, they attach a lot of ethical value to the education,”

It is no wonder that some of “Minority” organisations and their backers which run education as “business” are threatened and would like to kill this noble mission.

No one wants to talk about Justice Mohapatra Commission

“Secular Media” has gone overboard with Liberhan commission and some even claimed it to be Kick out punch by congress. However, on otherside, they completely ignored Justice Mohapatra Commission. Perhaps because the findings of Justice Mohapatra Commission didnot meet the “secular desires”

Justice Mohapatra Commission was constituted to probe last year’s communal riots in Orissa’s Kandhamal district. Yesterday, a 28-page interim report was submitted about nine months after the probe panel was constituted.

The commission has attributed the prolonged violence to “cumulative anger” of locals, mostly tribals, against the negligence they have suffered for years. The report also blamed land disputes and conflict between tribals and Scheduled Caste ‘panas’ for the violence

To the utter disappointment of secular brigade, And Sangh Parivar's name was not even mentioned for any role in the attacks.