Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Meaning of Indian Flag

English Translation
(0.07s) Stotram
(0.10s)Now tricolor flag.. saffron on at bottom..white in middle…
(0.19s) what is saffron…it symbolize valor and renunciation..saffron which is on top are people who are capable of beating, punching and stabbing..
(0.31s) The green which you see at bottom is not that .. lower most green color signifies India which is prosperous that means it denotes people who have money.. Do you understand?
(0.44s) But the white in middle is us (laughs).. hallelujah.. do you understand.. I am praising the GOD for bringing the white in middle. .. I praise my GOD who brought white in middle of national flag.. praising the lord who brought white(x 3 times)
(1.0s) Not finished
(1.03s) You know the Chakra .. symbol of power.. ashoka chakra … its in white (laughs).. GOD did not give it either to green or white he gave it to white … glory(1.13s)(Laughs)….
(1.15s) Do you want to hear more? Its name is Ashoka Chakra.. Shoka chakra.. Shoka means Sadness.. Ashoka means which remove sadness .. that means to remove sadness you have to come to white..even if its green or Saffron if they want to remove sadness they have to come to white.. hallelujah(1.32s).
(1.33s)People who understood this are praising the GOD(X2)… tonight you have to come to white.. you have to come to Jesus(1.41s).. Without coming to Jesus you will not get light(1.47S)
Praise the Lord(1.49s)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Biased Media what more proof you need

Notice the difference in use of apostrophe


Of course after Internet Hindus rose in protest she hastily edited her tweet


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mondays with Nidhi

The said lady is a Sr. Journalist with NDTV

Kudos to NDTV for taking corrective action

After repeated requests to Barkha Dutt;  NDTV has started referring Nityanada as Bangalore Swami instead of Sex Swami(refer previous blog)

Barkha if you read this...Thanks

Friday, March 26, 2010

Shocking difference in Headline Language from NDTV

Notice the difference in language used by NDTV while referring to swami who had consensual sex and a priest who abused young kids 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

India Pakistan peas talks

India Pak Peas effort

Note: I donot draw(the best i can draw is a straight line) I search for a pic, modify it to convey my feeling.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Indians life is cheaper so says Nuclear Liability Bill

The Indo-U.S. Civilian Nuclear Agreement was enacted successfully in October, 2008. However, to attract private companies to invest in India, it is necessary to pass the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill (Nuclear Liability Bill). This bill defines the financial and legal liabilities upon the involved groups, manufacturers, operators and government in case of a nuclear accident occurs.

Back ground:
In early 1950’s U.S. Atomic Energy Commission ordered a study of the possible consequences of a nuclear accident at a medium-sized (200 MW) nuclear reactor sited near (about 30 miles from) a medium-sized city. The resulting 1957 AEC study, known as the Brookhaven Report, found that property damages could run as high as $7 billion (in 1957 dollars), mostly due to radioactive contamination of land, buildings, food and water. It also documented the thousands of deaths (immediate and delayed) that could be expected from such an accident, and the large numbers of defective children that would result both immediately and many years later. But U.S. insurance companies told the U.S. Congress that it was impossible for them to insure against such an enormous liability as described in the Brookhaven Report. Thus came Price Anderson Act, limiting the liability of a nuclear reactor owner to $560 million in the event of an accident -- that's about 8 cents on the dollar for a $7 billion accident -- of which $90 million would be covered by private insurance and the remainder by the government.
The Price Anderson Act now provides $10 billion in cover without cost to the public or government and without fault needing to be proven. It covers power reactors, research reactors, and all other nuclear facilities.

Point to note: Even as back in 1957 US Govt had kept the liability at USD 560 Million. But GOI in 2010 is trying to cap nuclear liability(acc to  clause 6), at the rupee equivalent of 300 million special drawing rights (SDRs) which is equal to $458 million (Rs. 2,087 crore).

Why an Indians life is cheaper.

The clause 7 of  bill outlines the share of financial liability of each group. It states that the operator will have to pay Rs. 500 crore and the remaining amount will be paid by GOI. It’s amusing that in reality the operator is GOI itself as the plants will be operated by Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL) a government owned facility. The operator can claim the liabilities from the manufacturer and supplier if it is mentioned in the contract. But the maximum amount payable by the foreign companies will be paltry sum of Rs. 500 crore.
In contrast -
In Europe,  most of countries are moving towards 2004 Paris/Brussels Protocol which cap’s liabilities as under –
  •   € 700 million(abt 1Bn USD) for operators
  •   € 500 million for installation state
  •   € 300 million for contracting parties
  • Point to note: So I think we can safely say that the price of an Indian is half that of a European

Now if you think you a victim of an accident can approach courts for redressal. Well don’t hold your breath for that as Nuclear Liability Bill will closed that door too. Clause 17 of  bill allows only  operator (NPCIL) to sue the manufacturers and suppliers. The victims won’t be able to sue anyone. Practically, no one is considered legally liable because the recourse taken by the operator will yield max of  Rs. 500. Lastly, Clause 18 of the nuclear liability bill limits the time to make a claim within 10 years. This is very less as compared to the long term damage that may be caused due to a nuclear accident

You are welcome to feel outraged....

Any guess where is this place?

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Mayawati garlanded with millions of thousand-rupee notes in mega rally by BSP

Bahujan Samaj Party Senior leaders offering flowers during the Mega Rally of the party on the occassion of the completion of the 25th year of the party at Ramabai rally Ground in Lucknow on Monday.
Express photo by vishal Srivastav


Secularism Indian Style

GOI has banned FTV for showing Topless models


But has awarded MF Hussain for drawing nude Saraswati, Bharath Mata & Sita Mata

Is it fair you decide…

My Salute to Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan

Today is Martyr Sandeeps Birthday

May God bless the fallen warrior and may he be in peace. Respect, Salute and Gratitude

Happenings in the Dark Room

My take on what really happened in current twitter war between MSM & Internet Hindus





And they say Right wing indulge in abuse


Sagarika Ghosh journalist from IBN author of author of ‘Gin Drinkers and Blind Faith’ insults an entire community and try to trigger regional war by asking following. 


Not satisfied inflaming regional passions, she now tries to inflame religious sensitiveness by making following outrageous comments