Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Meaning of Indian Flag

English Translation
(0.07s) Stotram
(0.10s)Now tricolor flag.. saffron on at bottom..white in middle…
(0.19s) what is saffron…it symbolize valor and renunciation..saffron which is on top are people who are capable of beating, punching and stabbing..
(0.31s) The green which you see at bottom is not that .. lower most green color signifies India which is prosperous that means it denotes people who have money.. Do you understand?
(0.44s) But the white in middle is us (laughs).. hallelujah.. do you understand.. I am praising the GOD for bringing the white in middle. .. I praise my GOD who brought white in middle of national flag.. praising the lord who brought white(x 3 times)
(1.0s) Not finished
(1.03s) You know the Chakra .. symbol of power.. ashoka chakra … its in white (laughs).. GOD did not give it either to green or white he gave it to white … glory(1.13s)(Laughs)….
(1.15s) Do you want to hear more? Its name is Ashoka Chakra.. Shoka chakra.. Shoka means Sadness.. Ashoka means which remove sadness .. that means to remove sadness you have to come to white..even if its green or Saffron if they want to remove sadness they have to come to white.. hallelujah(1.32s).
(1.33s)People who understood this are praising the GOD(X2)… tonight you have to come to white.. you have to come to Jesus(1.41s).. Without coming to Jesus you will not get light(1.47S)
Praise the Lord(1.49s)


neo phyte said...

is this preacher mad?

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