Friday, November 17, 2006

Education or Religion? Its a decision which Muslims Society has to take

It seems the UPA government headed by Madam Sonia is in Christmas mood. Atleast it seems so by the gifts this government is showering on Muslim Community.

Its only weeks since Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced that he favored a "fair share" for minorities in central and state government as well as private sector jobs. I think Mr. PM should clarify whether he is suggesting that we are not "giving" fair share to Muslims in India? Never to be left behind in the race for Minority Votes, CPM also has now decided to ask the government to specifically allocate development funds for Muslims to improve their socio-economic levels.

Perhaps to prove the point, the Centre today decided to enhance the quota under haf subsidy scheme to 1.1 lakh pilgrims from the existing one lakh. With this, the Government Haj subsidy is all set to mount to Rs 385 crore approximately!

If this is the "fair share" which this government meant then sad to say that our "mai-baaps" has got it all wrong! As per NSS data Muslims comprised 12.2 per cent of the country’s population, their "fair share" in those who passed school was just 7.2 per cent. Due to low percentage of Pass out, Muslims formed just 6.5 per cent of the proportion of those enrolled in college, though they still managed to get 9.7 per cent of the total number of “professional, technical and managerial” jobs in the country.

Practicing religion is a personal Choice & Government has no role there. This "Secular" Government should put money where mouth is. Government should spend the limited funds in more useful ways. If this government would really like to Improve socio-economic status of Muslim community then they should spend money in education where it would cause impact.

On Hindsight, whom am I saying this to? This is afterall a secular government!

Tail piece:
- Our Revered "SECULAR" Leader Arjun Singh is now planning to fund madrassa education system!!
- On the issue of Government employment of Muslims, West Bengal(where CPM ruled for last 3 decades) ironically, is one of the worst, with a 24 per cent Muslim population having only 4 per cent of Government jobs. There is not a single Muslim officer in the public sector in West Bengal.