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Bush praises Manmohan Singh for 'strong leadership'

Is demographic change due to conversion a bogey?

One of often raised arguments by Christian Evangelists justifying negligible impact of conversion is the population of Christians was reported in the 1971 census to be 2.6 per cent of the Indian population. Their share in the population fell further to 2.44 in 1981, and 2.3 percent in 2001.

It would be wrong to take such a macroscopic view of effect of conversion. The effect of demographic change should be looked microscopic perspective as conversion efforts are usually concentrated in region or zone
  • Lets take the case of Kandhamal, The district has the highest population of Christians in orissa . In terms of percentage, Christian population in the district was 6 pc of the total populace in 1971 and has grown to 18 pc by 2001.
  • The growth in Arunachal Pradesh has been appreciable in last one decade. The Christian population in the state in 1991 was registered at 89,013 and the same in 2001 stands at 205,548. While the share of the Hindu population has decreased to 34.6 percent in 2001 from 37.0 percent in 1991
  • In Meghalaya the share of the Hindu population has decreased from 14.7 percent in 1991 to 13.3 percent in 2001. In the same period the percentage of Christians has increased from 64.6 to 70.3.
  • In Mizoram percentage of the Hindu population has declined from 5.0 in 1991 to 3.6 in 2001, while share of Christians has increased from 85.7 percent in 1991 to 87.0 percent respectively in 2001.
  • In Nagaland the percentage of the Hindu population has fallen from 10.1 in 1991 to 7.7 in 2001, while Christians has risen from 87.5 in 1991 to 90.0 in 2001.
  • In Tripura the proportion of the Hindu population has decreased from 86.5 percent in 1991 to 85.6 percent in 2001. The Percentage of the Christians has gone up from 1.68 in 1991 to 3.2 respectively in 2001.

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Identify who is a farmer?

(A) Someone enjoying his life

(B) Oscar Fernandez

(C) Arjun Singh

(D) Amitabh

(E) All of the above

(F) None of above

The correct answer is E

Amitabh: In 2006 the actor showed the Pune district authorities a certificate from the then Barabanki district magistrate, Ramashankar Sahu, saying Amitabh was a farmer because he owned farmland in the district. Its another matter that the superstar donot have much credentials to speak of as a farmer. Even on screen, he played a farmer only once (Veer-Zaara) in his four-decade-old career.

Arjun Singh & Oscar fernandez: The official bio of Arjun Singh's and Oscar states their profession as Farmer/Agriculturist.

Tailpiece: I am not sure whether the "profession" column in Parliament Biodata covers past professions also? I think we can confirm taht it requires you to indicate your current profession as Sonia Gandhi has indicated her profession to be "Political & Social Worker"

By the way , the Bombay High Court has held that a performer at a hotel who had earlier been a bar dancer can be a 'genuine artist',. Justice A B Chaudhary said.

"Merely because these girls were performing in dance bars earlier, it cannot be readily inferred that they are not genuine artists,"

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Fart Alert

Laloo Prasad yadav
"Fail kar gaya Nitish. Hum khana aur bhoosa bhejwa rahe hain. Sab station par khidi chokha hai, jaao aur bharpet khao. Nitish has failed. (I have left food and fodder at every railway station. There is khichdi and mashed potato, go and have your...)
lalooji, you are mistaken every one donot need fodder like you..

Hurray April Fool

It seems that UPA Govt. has fooled people of India royally and it was not even April fools day.

A day ahead of the meeting of the 45-nation Nuclear Suppliers Group(NSG) in Vienna where the fate of the controversial Indo-US nuclear deal is expected to be decided, the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Howard Berman has released State Department's answers to 45 questions on the deal which indicate clearly differing perceptions on key issues between New Delhi and Washington.The questions were submitted to the State Department by Berman's predecessor Tom Lantos way back in October, 2007 and answers were sent on January 16, 2008. For nine months, these documents were kept under wraps and have been made public just before the Viennmeeting. According to Washington Post which quoted a spokesman for Berman The answers were considered
‘so sensitive, particularly because the debate over the agreement in India could have toppled the government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that the State Department requested they remain secret even though they were not classified,’
Some of terms of agreement meant:-

1. Should India detonate a nuclear explosive device, the US has the right to cease all nuclear cooperation with it immediately, including the supply of fuel.

2. It also stipulates that US can request India to return items transferred from it including fresh fuel.

3. US has the right to terminate the agreement on one year's written notice.

4. The fuel supply assurances are not, however, meant to insulate India against the consequences of a nuclear explosive test or a violation of non-proliferation commitments,

Interesting to see what happens...

Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid, Syed Ahmed Bukhari, and Samajwadi Party leader Abu Asim Azmi has come out in support of Ahmedabad serial blasts mastermind, Abu Bashar.

They were taking part in a "virodh sabha" in Sarai Mir township. Syed Ahmed Bukhari strongly warned against the tendency to frame
"innocent Muslims in the name of terrorism and SIMI"
Now a Rajasthan court has directed the police to register an FIR against Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid Syed Ahmed Bhukari for his alleged inflammatory statement on a complaint filed by one Bharat Sharma, Station House Office, Kotwali, Chain Singh said.

Sharma had filed a complaint alleging that the cleric had stated that if the accused Abu Basheer, arrested for his involvement in July Ahmedabad blasts,then
"a bigger agitation a 1947 would be launched".
Now lets see whether "law will take its own course" in this case

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Secularism in practice

The Archbishop of Cuttack today approached the Supreme Court seeking a CBI probe into the violence against Christians in Orissa. The Archbishop's petition has also sought that the NHRC be asked to conduct a probe to find out which organisation was behind the Kandhamal violence.
Archbishop is setting a dangerous precedent by interfering in matters of political governance. Archbishop should restrain his activities to issues pertaining to religious matters same way we would not expect a Shankracharya or Imam of Jama Masjid to interfere during social tensions. Church cannot claim political leadership of christians across india, we have elected representatives in parliament who is responsible for providing political ledership to the country. Its not the first time church is dabbling into political matters.

In kerala, Self-Financing Colleges Act aimed at controlling, and bringing under state control, the engineering and medical colleges, predominantly, controlled by the church, evoked sharp protests and violent agitations by the church. So much so that Church threatened a 'second liberation struggle' to rid Kerala of communist rule.

The Kerala Bishops' Council consisting of religions heads of all major church faction like Syro-Malankara Catholic, Roman Catholic, Marthoma, Malankara, Orthodox, Latin Catholic, CSI etc have formed an 'Inter Church Council for Education' to unify their agitations. 'Pastoral letters' were read in all the churches against the CPM's tactic to infringe on minority rights enshrined in the Constitution. The Bishop thundered and called upon church followers to even spill blood and sacrifice lives to protect Christianity and said
"Nobody will be allowed to destroy education institutions run by the church and any persecution on institutions will be strongly resisted. Taking away rights of appointments of teachers and staff, making Sundays working days and handing over control of church-run institutions to local bodies, will be strongly resisted. If CPM has its way, students will wish each other 'Lal salam', 'Inquilab zindabad,' totally destroying faith, culture and religions values",

Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor - An investigation who everyone forgot!

Founded in 1987 by Mathew Naickomparambil in Muringoor near Potta, the Catholic run Charismatic Divine Retreat Centre(CDRC) is projected as a byword for miraculous healing, cure for addictions, strong spiritual experiences, and a way of life founded on the Bible!. The propaganda is the blind can see, the dumb can talk and the lame can walk once he visits "Potta".

Several months back based on an anonymous letter complaining about criminal and anti-social activities taking place at the center, High Court initiated a suo motu proceedings and ordered an SIT Inquiry into the allegation of foreign exchange violations by the center and unnatural deaths that took place in and around the center during a period of two years.

A team lead by Vinson M. Paul, Inspector General of Police probed into various allegations. What came tumbling out of Centre's closet were mind numbing allegations of sexual harassment, missing persons, mysterious deaths, financial irregularities and illegally running a hospital!. Based on the findings of investigation Director-General of Prosecutions (DGP) made a submission to court that ‘‘shocking’’ facts had been unearthed by the police and medical team that inspected Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, and that they could not be disclosed in open court, Justice K R Udayabhanu of the Kerala High Court on Monday directed the investigation team to submit a confidential report within two weeks.

It was found:-

1. During 1996-2006, as many as 974 premature deaths occurred at the centre, and bodies were cremated without providing information to the police. The documents were allegedly forged to make it appear that the deaths were natural.

2. Conducting of a psychiatric institution without license, administration of psychiatric drugs on several persons (15 persons are still at the centre).

3. Several persons were locked in cells. Persons showing violent signs are injected with some unknown drugs. Treatment is imparted by untrained persons. There are no medical practitioners at the centre.

However what followed after the investigation can be quoted as shining example of "secularism"

Congress strongly opposed the investigation. Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) president Ramesh Chennithala said
the Left Democratic Front Government (LDF) should apologise to the authorities of the Divine Retreat Centre at Muringoor for having "raided" it.
Based on writ petition by Fr George Panackal, Director of the Centre, DGP was made to give an undertaking before the Kerala High Court that the results of the investigation by the special team investigating the allegations against Divine Retreat Centre Muringoor, Thrissur, would not be leaked out to the media.!

This march, The Supreme Court verdict e null and void the Kerala High Court single judge’s order for investigation into the functioning of the Divine Retreat Centre at Muringoor High Court judges cannot treat anonymous letters and petitions listing allegations against individuals or institutions as public interest litigation and order suo motu investigation.

Now no one remebers the investigation....

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Fart Alert

Ram Vilas Paswan, Minister of Chemicals & Fertilizers and Steel
“Those Bangladeshis who are already staying in India should be provided citizenship"
PaswanJi, Lets go the Hog and give all the bangladeshi nationals Indian citizenship. That will solve this problem of illegal immigrants once for all

An introduction to RSS

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