Saturday, December 27, 2008

My New Year gift for UPA Govt.

You are welcome in giving suggestion for best gifts for UPA Govt in centre

Some people prefer to live in utopia

I am not sure if guy below will be moved by acts such as above

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Whose side are they?

Post 2611 reactions from thought leaders, political class, Haindavta Leadership, Muslim Clerics was heartening. Everyone placed nation above the selfish interests, they spoke and acted in one voice. It seemed like a dream come true even if it was at the expense of 200 lives. L Paper back stab Swords 12 99 - 2 MM

However like every dream, this dream has also coming to an end. First wakeup call came from our minority affairs minister Mr. A R Antulay. He borrowed a leaf from Pakistani TV hosts & ISI propaganda that the Mumbai attacks were the handiwork of "Hindu-Zionists"  and absolved LeT terrorists from the murder of Mr. Karkare. He gave enough hints to indicate that he believed "Other forces"(read Hindu Terrorists) were responsible for the heinous act. Nation was stunned but for a while it seemed that A R Antulays utterances were an aberration. In its new found zeal "Secular"  congress party also seemed to be inclined to take irresponsible behavior of Antulay.

But now other sections of the Muslim community — from Shahi Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid to Urdu press, including Munsif, the largest Urdu newspaper, Siasat, Inquilab and Urdu Times has joined the bandwagon. Ex-IFS officer and MP Syed Shahabuddin called Minister for Minority Affairs A R Antulay to congratulate him for “saying the unspeakable.” SP MP Rashid Masood, JD(U) MP Ejaz Ali and BSP MP Ilyas Azmi supported Antulay's demand for a separate probe into Karkare's death. 

How can India left be Left behind when it comes to appeasing muslim votebank. CPM leader Mohammed Salim pointed out that neither the government nor the Congress party was able to answer the questions raised by Antulay.

Now with so much support among Muslims for the claims of Antulay, how can we even remotely expect congress to take actions against Antualy. I am sure in coming days they will find some excuse to support Antualy.

The nation has woken up to the stark reality that for some group holds  "community" above national interest. It high time people who love this nation and has this nation as last abode understand and realise this. 


Question raised by B. Raman:

While the external dimensions have started receiving attention, the internal dimensions are sought to be pushed under the carpet. Anyone, who persists in drawing attention to the internal dimensions is sought to be ridiculed or vilified or projected as an apologist for the jihadis.