Saturday, September 30, 2006

Its Official that It was ISI again

Now its official that ISI was directly involved in the Mumbai attacks which killed more than 200 people . The extend of their involvement is scary, out of 15 people involved in conspiracy 11 were Pakistanis.

It is hilarious that only few weeks back our Man (or Woman) Mr. Manmohan Singh met Musharaf in Havana and made Musharaf his ally in war against jihadi terrorism in India. The nation was outraged when he set up an Indo-Pakistan anti-terrorism co-operation mechanism and we were made to believe that Pakistan is dying to help India against the very terrorists they are training and Pumping into India. We are told that General is not such a bad man, Poor guy, he has his own problems, we are told. Let us co-operate with him instead of fighting against him, we are told. What is also puzzling is why did the PM stall talks after 7-11 serial commuter traib bomb blasts in Mumbai and what has changed in the 60 days since 7-11 that he has now decided to not just resume talks. In an interview after the Havana Handshake, he said that "All that I am saying is that there is an explicit commitment on the part of Pakistan to say that they will work with us to do all that is in their control to control this scourge" It is hard to believe that he was not updated on 7/11 investigation and he was not aware that ISI was involved in the plot. I guess age is catching up with Manmohan Singh or was it the Cuban Cigars or the hair brained rhetoric of Hugo Chavez or his advisers are making a complete ASS of him.
Ever since the present Indian government came into office more than two years ago, it has not been able to control the activities of the jihadi terrorists in Indian territory outside Jammu & Kashmir. There has not been a single instance of successful investigation of any major jihadi terrorist strike. What more they are bending backwards to please the Muslim Fundamentalists. The Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) was abolished because the leaders of the Muslim community projected it as anti-Muslim. Now some of the Muslim leaders are projecting the Police itself as anti-Muslim because of its arrests of some Muslims for questioning after the 11/7 terrorist strikes in Mumbai. Will the Prime Minister abolish the Police to please them?

Is it not time for the Right Minded People of this nation to rise and throw away this Joke called UPA Government