Friday, February 13, 2009

Political Jokes

1. If the opposite of Pro is Con, what is the Opposite of Progress?

2. After Ian Chappel episode Sharad Pawar was hesitant to bring foreign coach for Indian Cricket team. In the end PM had to intervene. Manmohan Singh assured him there is nothing wrong in foreign coach. Look at me how I am working ... I have lso became one of best jugadu ...

And Pawer appoint Karsten

Thanks to buddies in Orkut

Pathetic Secular reporting again from NDTV

NDTV yesterday reported

Girl commits suicide after humiliation?

In the report NDTV claim

Then a school girl, Ashwini, committed suicide. She was publicly humiliated by suspected Bajrang Dal men for being friends with a Muslim man, Salim.
The group had dragged her to a police station, summoned her parents and forced Salim to write a letter of apology.
Ashwini was harassed before the police, but the men have not been arrested yet.
Salim has been taken into police custody, now charged with possible rape of a minor. For the saffron police, women might seem the soft target but it goes beyond that.

Daughter of a Kerala CPM MLA, who was pulled out of a bus and attacked, made no secret of what her attackers had told her.
''They told me you are a Hindu, why do you want speak to Muslims?''
Two cases in a row -- one leading to the death of a minor girl.

Now lets analyses some of facts

1. First of all doesn't it look at all suspicious on why Sixteen year old girl, a student of class ninth at the Aikala High School in Kinnigoli had gone to Maroor near Moodabidri in a bus to meet Saleem, a conductor-cum owner of the bus?

2. NDTV, Nowhere says how they came to the conclusion that those activists were "suspected" BD Members? Did they should slogans? Did they show them their BD iCard?

3. NDTV report says she was dragged to police station! Why not simply taken to police station? How can a person be dragged to police station? Actually the word was purposefully used to give a more harrowing effect!

4. NDTV Conveniently omitted the fact that on the complaint of the girl's father, a case has been registered against Saleem under Section 376 and 305 of the IPC for luring and raping the girl. Why did father register the complain? was she running away with him? This was reported in Indian Express

5. How was girl harassed in front of police?

6. And most outrageous of NDTV clubbing this incident with another incident in MLA's girl was harassed without naming the actual culprits behind the CPM MLA's daughters case. In that case, it was DYFI(Youth front of CPM) was involved!

A Mangalore police spokesperson said on phone that

according to the parents of the girl, she had told them that she was raped by Saleem on Tuesday.  The public saw this girl and her friend with Saleem and his friend. Since the girl was in school uniform, they got suspicious why she was not in school and informed the Moodabidri police. The four were let off after questioning but now Saleem has been arrested and charged with rape and abetment to suicide following a complaint by the girl’s father. reports

A certain young girl who was seduced to have sex with a man of 26 years killed herself to hide her shame on Tuesday night. The incident occured in a place called Maroor in Mulky police limits. According to a complaint lodged by one Jaya Moolya two girls were lured by one Saleem aged 26 and taken to a secluded places in Maroor. Some elders who caught the man in a compromising condition along with the girl handed over the girl to the Moodbidri police station while the man Saleem escaped.
Later her parents took her home and was reprimanded for her behavior. Unable to control the shame that has come over her she consumed poison and killed herself. The complaint lodged with the Mulky police by Mr. Moolya says that Saleem had raped his daughter and was responsible for her death. The police are on the lookout for Saleem who is still at large.

14-16 Indians involved in 26/11 attack: Police

Mumbai Police Commissioner Hassan Gafoor on Thursday stated on record that Indians were involved in the terror attack on Mumbai last November.

Gafoor said that 16 Indians are suspected to be involved in the Mumbai attacks, besides two who have already been arrested. None of them is a resident of Mumbai, he said, adding that they are all from 'north India'.

When asked him," Can we say that the Mumbai police is, for the first time, claiming that there was local involvement in the Mumbai attacks," an unusually confident Gafoor replied, "The Mumbai police is not claming. This is a fact."

Now the question is why was nation kept on dark regarding this. UPA government repeatedly claimed that there were no Indians involved in the 26/11 attack! Is UPA trying to play dirty secular politics even on an incident of 26/11 magnitude?


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Please support the pink condom campaign.

This campaign has been started as a response to some self righteous and progressive people who started the Pink Chaddi campaign.

Why condoms?

Condoms are necessary to save yourself from AIDS and to lead a progressive and secular life. The Pink Chaddi walas claim themselves to be pubgoing, loose and forward - a condom will help them maintain being that.

Who are they?

They are the ordinary Hindus, who don’t bark on television channels to defend our faith, but we definitely get hurt when some people bark against our faith.

How can join Pink Condom campaign?

Go to Link

First, click on the poll on right hand corner and express your support (or opposition).

Secondly, send pink condoms (sorry, you will have to buy them) at following addresses, or call up these people (Pink Chaddi walas, their contact numbers and addresses were put up on Pink Chaddi blog) here ---->

The author of this blog Supports Pink Condom Campaign. I would kindly request other like minded fellows to support this initiative full heartedly.

My suggestion is if you are one of those who hate to spend money. You can always print out a picture of condom and write "Be Safe Please use this" and drop it to them via ordinary mail.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Will Indias sovereign credit rating be downgraded?

Not just the Indian economic story, the deficit story is also increasingly turning dismal.

There is a Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) Act, with terminal goals in 2009-10 of a revenue deficit/GDP ratio of 0.0% and fiscal deficit of 3%. The budget estimates for 2008-09 promised a revenue deficit of 0.5% and a fiscal deficit of 2.5%. But this was without providing for items like farmers' debt relief, Sixth Pay Commission and National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA).

So the budget estimates fudged and on February 16 we will know the Centre's fiscal deficit is 6.5% of GDP. That's without including Oil and fertilizer bonds, which have adverse effects similar to those of the fiscal deficit. With those off-budget items thrown in, the Centre's deficit will be 9% of GDP.

And then we have the states. The combined aggregate state deficit is around 2.5% of GDP. But that is a lagged figure, when tax revenue in states was buoyant.

Low growth affects tax revenue. Hence the State deficit will be 3% and the combined deficit will be 12% of GDP.

Twelve per cent is a horrendous figure, unparalleled since 1991. The issue is not the inevitable downgrading of India's sovereign credit rating, once this becomes public domain information on February 16. More importantly, there was a consensus on fiscal rectitude across every Government since 1991. That disappeared under UPA and the incoming government will find it difficult to reverse the trend. Instead, there will be pressures to dilute and relax FRBM, with similar moves in states.