Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Please support the pink condom campaign.

This campaign has been started as a response to some self righteous and progressive people who started the Pink Chaddi campaign.

Why condoms?

Condoms are necessary to save yourself from AIDS and to lead a progressive and secular life. The Pink Chaddi walas claim themselves to be pubgoing, loose and forward - a condom will help them maintain being that.

Who are they?

They are the ordinary Hindus, who don’t bark on television channels to defend our faith, but we definitely get hurt when some people bark against our faith.

How can join Pink Condom campaign?

Go to Link

First, click on the poll on right hand corner and express your support (or opposition).

Secondly, send pink condoms (sorry, you will have to buy them) at following addresses, or call up these people (Pink Chaddi walas, their contact numbers and addresses were put up on Pink Chaddi blog) here ---->

The author of this blog Supports Pink Condom Campaign. I would kindly request other like minded fellows to support this initiative full heartedly.

My suggestion is if you are one of those who hate to spend money. You can always print out a picture of condom and write "Be Safe Please use this" and drop it to them via ordinary mail.


Lexiss said...

The campaigners only keep the comments which support them. If you oppose them, don't bother putting a vote or comment, because it would be removed.

I put comments there twice and they removed them both the times.

The comments had no bad language, just a one liner saying that "I DON'T support your campaign but its good that you are using non-violent methods."

Panchajanya said...

I donot support deleting any comments. If you believe truth is on your side then there is no need to be afraid of negative reactions.