Friday, February 13, 2009

14-16 Indians involved in 26/11 attack: Police

Mumbai Police Commissioner Hassan Gafoor on Thursday stated on record that Indians were involved in the terror attack on Mumbai last November.

Gafoor said that 16 Indians are suspected to be involved in the Mumbai attacks, besides two who have already been arrested. None of them is a resident of Mumbai, he said, adding that they are all from 'north India'.

When asked him," Can we say that the Mumbai police is, for the first time, claiming that there was local involvement in the Mumbai attacks," an unusually confident Gafoor replied, "The Mumbai police is not claming. This is a fact."

Now the question is why was nation kept on dark regarding this. UPA government repeatedly claimed that there were no Indians involved in the 26/11 attack! Is UPA trying to play dirty secular politics even on an incident of 26/11 magnitude?


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