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Root Cause of Riots for last 175 Years

By: Ms Zenab Banu
Appendix IV, Page 175-193

As published by Government of India


Year Place Immediate Cause
1713 AD
Opposition to solemnise the holi festival on the one side and the cow slaughter on the other side between the neighbors of the two opposite communities.
Kashmir Vendetta of a Muslim gentleman of position against the Hindus
Delhi The murder of a Mussalman by a Hindu for reason not known
Sylhet, Assam
The Muslims (having 2/3 majority) demanded the Hindus the discontinuance of their religious ceremonies during the Muharram. Hindus refused to comply with this and petitioned Jinday (Officer Incharge of the Distt) for redressal.
Balpur & other places in Berar Muslim committed armed attack on the Hindus who were busy in their prayers.
The attempted construction of a building by Hindus on the Veutrog construction ground between the Mosque (built by Aurangzeb) and the present temple of Bisheshwas.
Moradabad (no cause was given)
Bombay Publication of some thing undesirable against prophet Mohammed by a Parsi in Gujrati paper.
1857 Moradabad, Bijnaur (After mutiny, no cause given)
Bareilly Moharram and Ramnavami festivals fall on the same day.
Bombay A book in Gujrati published by a RH Jalbhoy "Great Prophets of the World"
Mopala riots near Calicut
Intense provocation given to the Mopalas by the action of Raman who married a Muslim woman and soon after marriage reverted to Hinduism.
Etawah & Delhi
The simultaneous occurrence of two religious festivals, Ramlila of Hindus and Moharram of Muslims.
Bareilly Moharram and Ramnavami festivals.
1889 Delhi Conversion of a Hindu to Islam
1890 Aligarh
Obstruction of places of worship -- A pot of flesh was thrown at night in a mosque then beef was hung into two Hindu wells.
Calcutta Friction between the parties over the building of a mosque
Polaked in Salur district Religious Hindu procession attacked by Muslims
July 1892
Prabhaspatan Moharram festival
Muslims gathered an impression that they needed special protection and that the European system of administration tended to increase the influence of the Hindus at their expense.
Kolaba dist. --do--
Ballia in UP A reaction to the cow protection movement
1894 Madras Vijaya Dasmi Day – Muslims pelted the idol and the processionists with cow dung (?)
Feb1894 Yeola in Nasik Obstruction of Moharram (Tazia) by Hindus
July1895 Porbundar Muslim procession passing through Hindu quarter.
1895 Dhulia Ganpati procession attacked by Muslims
1907 Morghat Partition of Bengal
The reasons were partly the growing irritation of the Muslims with the Swadeshi agitation and the boycott of European goods, engineered by the Hindus.
Peshawar Holi and Muslim festival Bara Wafat were on the same day.
Ayodhya, Faizabad Over the sacrifice of cows by the Muslims on the occasion of Bakri Id.
Nellore Construction and demolition of a mosque
Muslim's resentment over the demolition of a lavatory attached to a mosque in connection with Municipal improvements.
On Bakri-Id Hindu mob tried to prevent Muslims for performance of sacrifice.
1918 Gaya & Shahabad
Hindus terrorised the Muslims and prevented them from performing the sacrifice.
1921 Malegaon Indian Council's Act of 1919
1921 Bangalore Resentment of non-coperation movement
1922 Multan --do--
Amritsar, Lahore, Saharanpur in UP All over India 15-20 severe riots took place due to Shudhi movement originated by Raja Ram Mohan Roy.
Allahabad, Calcutta, and many other cities Id festival and growing influence of Shidhi movement
Calcutta (no reason given)
Calcutta Music before the mosque
1926 Delhi, Patna, Rawalpindi, Allahabad, Dacca
Deep-rooted hatred and animosity engineered the riots with a minor incident.
Paluakhali and Poonabalia
A quarrel between two persons of opposite communities.
Feb, 1927
Larkana, Lahore
June 1927
Dinapur, Multan Bettiah, Comila
Suspicion and deep rooted hatred engineered the riot.
Nagpur Muslim procession molesting a Hindu passerby
Ahmedabad Muslim prayer in Mosque and Hindu song in temple coming into conflict.
Dehradoon Ram Lila procession
Delhi The procession of a Muslim dead body who killed a Hindu Mahant
Bangalore, Surat Nasik, Hydrabad Bakri-Id
1929 Bombay Some labour dispute engineered riot
1930 Dacca In reaction of civil disobedience movement
1931 Banaras ---do---
1932 Bombay, Alwar ---do---
1933 Alwar, Calcutta ---do---
1935 Bharanga ---do---
1935 Hazaribagh Ram Navami and Moharram on the same day
1935 Firozabad
Burnt a house with 11 persons including 3 children in continuance of above chain
1935 Champaran
1935 Shikandarabad
1935 Lahore
Out of some old vendetta
1935 Dudhial
Lahore reaction
1936 Poona-Khanapur
1936 Jamalpur
Music before a mosque by Hindu wedding procession
1936 Byculla
Temple-Mosque dispute
1937 UP Cattle fair
1939 Asansole
Demolition of a holy book Ramayana by an opposite communty person
1939 Delhi
Quarrel between two persons
1939 Gawanpore
An attack by Muslims on Hindu marriage party
1939 # of dists. in UP
Holi festival and Calcutta
1939 Gaya
Music before a mosque
1939 Kanpur
Processionists attacked by opposite community persons.
1939 Meerut
Reaction to it.
1939 Sindh
1939 Sukkar
1941 Calcutta
Occasion of Moharram
1941 Ahmedabad
Muslims set fire to Maneckchowk bazaar, Predominance of Hindus
1946 Ahmedabad,
Calcutta, Bombay, Noakhali, Patna, Dacca, et al
Muslim league gave a call for liberation week
1948 Udaipur Quarrelling between two groups belonging to two opposite communities
1949 Secundrabad, Hydrabad, Saharanpur, Hambal Started round Tonga, which was suspected to be carrying beef through a Hindu locality.
1949 Akola Slaughter of a cow in a Muslim household
1950 Calcutta, Delhi Pilibhit, ALigarh Dhubri, Bombay, Hindu militant group RSS tried to frustrate Indian Muslims to leave India
1951 Mangrol ---do---
1952 Banaras
Hindus tried to carry out repairs to a place of worship of theirs adjacent to a mosque sanctioned by the city Magistrate.
1953 Viramgaom Holi festival
1953 Bhopal
Stone throwing by some miscreants at a procession taken by the Hindu Mahasabha to protest against cow slaughter.
1953 Gauhati Angry crowd tried to prevent a Muslim family from sacrificing cow
1953 Nasik, Poona, Sangli Ganapati festival and Moharram coincide
1953 Ahmedabad ---do---
1953 Poona Arson bid in Poona
1953 Sholapur Ganpati immersion day playing music before a mosque.
1953 Jamnagar A boy stabbing a cow near a hotel
1954 Ghaziabad Slaughter of a stolen cow
1954 Aligarh Over the price of a melon between a hawker and a customer
1954 Nizamabad Some persons hoisted the Pakistani flag on the statue of Mahatma Gandhi.
1954 Mathura Some persons broke the idol of Krishna, which was installed for worship in a temple near Idgah mosque
1954 Gulbarga, Mannila, Fatehpur Paskistani flag was hoisted over a temple of Ganesh
1956 Bhopal Holi festival – Muslims threw bones in the Holi fire and an idol in a temple was defiled.
1956 Sholapur Rival claims to a shrine made by the two communities.
1956 Many parts of UP
A publication of the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan alleging insulting reference to Prophet Mohammed.
1956 Jabalpur Forcibly closing down of shops in protest against damage to an idol of Ganapati.
1956 Khamgaon Attack on a Ganapati procession before a mosque by a crowd.
1957 Hazaribagh A clash between students in Moharram procession
1958 Belgaun A procession of Hindus with music before a mosque
1958 Dulhia Unauthorised cow slaughter
1958 Yeola Muslims objecting a procession of Ganpati Idol.
1958 Bagalkot A procession of RSS was stoned near Panka mosque
1959 Lucknow Sprinkling of colour on Muslim on Holi festival by a Hindu
1958 Bhopal ----do----
1958 Sitamarhi Spreading of a rumour that a cow was slaughtered
1960 Hubli Idol of Maruti disfigured by someone
1960 Firozabad Ramlila procession
1960 Saharanpur Ramlila procession
1961 Jabalpur, Sangore, Narsinghpur, Damoh Effort to molest a Hindu girl
1961 Palanpur Discovery of animal bones in the place of worship
1961 Many cities in UP Aligarh University hostel boy misbehaved with hostel girl
1961 Bhopal Meeting of Jana Sangh Dist. Committee
1961 Vidisha, Bhopal Hindu procession being disturbed by Muslims
1962 Sikundra Slaughter of a cow
1962 Malda in WB A week's agitation against the publication of a picture of Mohammed
1962 Agra A quarrel between two persons belonging to opposite communities
1962 Mandsaur A dispute over a business transaction
1962 Bareilly
Throwing of stones on a procession of Hindus passing through Muslim residential area
1962 Ratanagiri Ganpati procession attacked by Muslims
1963 Junagarh Criminal assault by two Muslim youths on a Hindu girl
1963 Islampur Muslim participants of Moharram procession attacked by the police with lathi
1963 Akola Ganpati idol was attacked by stones
1963 Nadia, Calcutta Hair of Mohammed from Hazratbal mosque were stolen
1963 Srinagar ---do---
1964 Bihar, Orissa Train carrying refugees of East Pakistan
1965 Udaipur Scuffle between the two neighbors of opposite community
1966 Udaipur Scuffle between the two wrestlers of two communities
1967 Ranchi Brick batting on the Urdu agitators' procession
1967 Srinagar Religious conversion and marriage of a girl of the Pandi community to a Muslim youth
1968 Meerut A conference organised by the Jamaat-e- Islami in a college and a procession crossed by Jan Sangh
1968 Karimganj Scuffle between two boys of opposite community on a cow of a Muslim
1968 Vizhinjam Clash between Muslims and Christians when Muslims embarked on aggressive violent acts against catholics
1968 Allahabad Holy reveller threw water color on a Muslim who pulled out a pistol
1968 Auditanda Ramnavmi procession
1968 Manglore Muslims had assaulted a Hindu fisherman
1968 Aurangabad A Muslim bakery servant's attack on a cow with a knife
1968 Nagpur Scuffle between a Muslim barber and a Neo Buddha
1968 Parbhani A Hindu college student stabbed by one Muslim Rikshaw puller
1968 Mabajogi Scuffle among students
1968 Pupri Durga procession passed through a Muslim inhabited area
1968 Gumdum A Hindu procession
1968 Cuttack Music in front of mosque
1968 Veeranal News of a death of a Muslim in his house
1969 Kendrapa Music near a mosque
1969 Calcutta Muslim demonstration before the office of the 'Statesman'
1969 Anjar A clash between two persons of opposite community
1969 Hubli Muslims objected to throwing of colored water on them on Holi
1969 Mau in UP Beating of a Hindu boy by Muslim boys
1969 Anjar An armed mob of Muslims attacked Hindus
1969 Gujarat Mutual suspicion and animosity between the two communities
1969 Ahmedabad Atack on Jaganath temple by Muslims
1969 Other cities in Guj Repurcussions of above
1970 Chaibasa Ram Navmi procession
1970 Bhiwandi and other parts of Maharashtra Beginning with a quarrel between two persons of opposite communities
1972 Tonk Bakri Id
1972 Banaras Bakri Id
1973 Delhi Two groups of miscreants clashed at Bara Hindu Rao area
1974 Jugeshwari Anti-Muslim feeling injected by Shiv Sena workers in the minds of general people
1974 Delhi Quarreling of two persons belonging to two opposite communities
1975 Jogeshwari Militant action of Shiv Sena volunteers
1977 Chittorgarh Id Festival
1977 Benaras Durga procession

Secular and Non Secular Violence

As we speak there is a major law and order problem brewing in Kerala.
Twelve people were injured Wednesday in clashes between activists of the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) and the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) at Nadapuram. Clashes erupted in the evening when the two parties were taking out processions in Nadapuram, about 70 km from here. Members of the two rallies started attacking each other with stones and country-made bombs. The trouble started when an IUML panchayat secretary was injured in an attack Tuesday night allegedly by CPM goondas.
On one side we have a huge media coverage on clashes in Orissa and on the other side such violence is not even mentioned in media. However, the scenario would have been different if one of the party was BJP(or any member of sangh Parivar) instead of CPM. Have Media started categorising even the violence as secular and non secualr violence and on non secular violence?

Fart Alert

Rahul Gandhi said on Friday.
"A sapling was planted which has grown into a tree in Amethi. Now, I want to create a jungle and spread it all over Uttar Pradesh and elsewhere in the country,"
Dont worry crown price, UPA govt. is working hard to have Jungle Raj in this country.

Rahul while talking to 1,000 odd women in Amethi
"do you know Bangladesh?"
I guess next time in Loksabha he will cover the plight of poor people who are managing to survive without knowledge of geography( just like he narrated the saga of Kalawati and sasikala during last speech)

Indian Express supporting conversion?

The banners prominently displayed on Indian Express site belongs to World Vision. World Visions claims themselves to be "Christian relief and development agency" but there are allegations that they are involved in conversion in India.

Earlier this month, police detained Pradesh Kumar Das, an employee of the World Vision from Khadagpur while escaping from the district at Buguda. He is suspected to be linked to murder of 85 year old Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati

I suggest people should visit World Vision website and browse thru the names of child's "to be sponsored" do you see something missing?

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Sarah Palin - Mccains running mate

Currently the hottest governor in US

So Pope's deploration can do wonders!

After Popes strong condemnation Manmohan Singh on Thursday described the ongoing violence in Orissa as a “shame on the nation” and is understood to have assured a delegation of church leaders that Rs. 3 lakh would be given as compensation to the families of those killed. I am not sure whether this would be applicable for the seer & the four others of the ashram who were killed earlier.

Briefing mediapersons after meeting the Prime Minister, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) spokesman Babu Joseph said that besides Dr. Singh’s compensation promise, funds would be released from the Prime Ministers’ Relief Fund for providing relief and rehabilitation to all those affected by the violence.

Since Poe has the ear of Manmohan singh, I think we should request Pope to take up the Ram Sethu and Amarnath issue also with Manmohan singh.

Fart Alert

CPM central committee member Shyamal Chakraborty .
"The Chief Minister has been censured by the Politburo for his anti- bandh stand and he has not opposed it and accepted the decision,"

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J&K facts and figures (Figures are based as of 2002)

- Since the beginning of militancy in 1990, the J&K has managed to get the lion's share of Central resources-over Rs 35,571.3 crore in grants and assistance. In 2001-2, for instance, Jammu and Kashmir got Rs 4,577 crore from the Centre or over 10 per cent of the assistance to states. It has got more than any other state every year since 1995. Add to this projects in the state worth over Rs 25,000 crore being funded by the Centre.

- A Kashmiri gets eight times more money from the Centre than citizens from other states. While per capita Central assistance to other states moved from Rs 576.24 in 1992-93 to Rs 1,137 in 2000-1, that of the Kashmiri spiralled from Rs 3,197 to Rs 8,092.

- Jammu and Kashmir has the lowest poverty level in the country. The number of people living below the poverty line has dropped from 24.24 per cent in the 1980s to a mere 3.46 lakh people (3.48 per cent), compared to 26.10 per cent across India though the state's contribution to the GDP was less than 1 per cent in 2000-1.

- In 2002, In ACNielsen opinion poll only 1 per cent of the respondents favored being a part of Pakistan. Earlier in May, London-based Mori International, an independent research outfit, along with facts Worldwide asked respondents from the strife-torn state to choose between India and Pakistan. Sixty-one per cent of the Kashmiris polled asserted that they would "be better off politically and economically as an Indian citizen" and only 6 per cent favored a switch to Pakistani citizenship.

- In 2002, the Pakistan Government unveiled a Khushal Kashmir Programme with a corpus of Rs 28.9 crore. Compare this with the Rs 6,165 crore package announced by Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee in May this side of the border.


Lies they say!

Original Amarnath Pilgrim Land transfer Order

Government Order No 104 - FST of 2008 DATED 26-05-2008

Sanction is accorded to the diversion of forest land measuring 39.88 hectares falling under the compartment No 63a/Singh in Block Kullan, Range Sindh, Sindh Forest Division for raising pre-fabricated structures only for camping purposes of pilgrims, without going in for construction of permanent structures, at Baltal and Donnail by Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board on the following terms and conditions.

1: The proprietary status of forest land shall remain unchanged.

2: The forest land so diverted shall be utilised only for the purpose for which it has been diverted. It shall not be transferred to any other agency without approval of the Forest Department.

3: The forest land so diverted shall not be mortgaged, reassigned or sub-leased by user agency in any manner whatsoever to any other agency.

4: The User Agency shall pay net present value of the forest land to the tune of Rs 2,31,30,400/- (Rs Two crore thirty one lakh thirty thousand four hundred only) as calculated by the concerned DFO as per Hon'ble Supreme Court Order dated 30.10.2002 in IA No 566 in Writ Petition (Civil) No 202 of 1995 T N Godavarman Thirumalpad V/S Union of India.

5: The User Agency shall pay Rs 19,94,000/- (Rs Nineteen lakh ninety four thousand only) on account of Compensatory Afforestation to be carried over 79.76 hectares.

6: The User Agency shall take foolproof measures on modern scientific lines to ensure that water of nearby Sindh Nallah does not get polluted.

7: Any damage done to the forest by the user agency or its employees and contractors of people employed by them shall be charged from the user agency at the rate of ten times the standard rate of 1992.

8: The forest land so diverted shall return to the Forest Department free of any encumbrances when it is no longer required by the User Agency.

9: The User Agency shall construct complete retaining/breast walls on the both sides of the road/railway line/earth work/tunnelling etc. and take other necessary steps so as to minimise soil erosion/land slips. In this regard, the user agency shall seek technical guidance from Director, Soil Conservation Department of J&K.

10: The User Agency shall also pay any other amount which will become payable as per the orders of the Hon'ble Supreme Court or Government/Forest Department, J&K.

11: The User Agency shall be responsible to get requisite clearance under any other relevant law in vogue.

12: The User Agency shall submit an undertaking that in case of any upward revision of rates of Net Present Value the User Agency will pay the amount of differential Net Present Value.

13: Possession of Forest land diverted for non-forestry purpose under the orders of the competent authority should be handed over to the User Agency till all payments due against Compensation of trees, NPV/Compensation forest land, Compensatory Afforestation costs etc. are not deposited with Chief Accounts Officer in the office of the PCCF. Before handling over the possession of the Forest land, it should be further ensured that there are no outstanding dues with the said User Agency in respect of the cases sanctioned in the past.

14: The User Agency shall take all possible environmental safeguards in consultation with the State Pollution Control Board prior to erection of the pre-fabricated structures and their use by the pilgrims to ensure that no damage is caused to the ecology of the area.

The proposal stands cleared/approved by the Advisory Committee in its 39th meeting held under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary on 12th July, 2007.

By order of the Government of Jammu and Kashmir.

Principal Secretary to Government
Forest Department

NO- FST/Land/41/2007 Dated: 26-05-2008

Citizens of India and "liberals" need to take a hard look at the above GO and decide who is playing games

Secularism Again!

The largest chain of primary and secondary schools in India run by the government, the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) has decided to modify its logo by replacing the lotus flower associated with Goddess Saraswati with globe.

The decision to modify the logo taken earlier this year in a meeting of the KVS board of governors headed by HRD minister Arjun Singh.

Last month, all the 980 schools were informed about making required changes in the logo to reflect “broader national ethos and advances in science and technology”.

Joint Director (administration), KVS, Pragya Richa Srivastava. says "There is no politics behind it. We are going global as we have three KVS abroad, so the change has been undertaken,.

KV has 980 schools in India and they are changing logo because they have 3 schools out of India!!! Whom are you smoking! Even if there are more schools out of India, What is the need of changing one's cultural symbol! Then the comment that logo is to take into consideration "broader national ethos", Hindus consititute more than 75% of Indian population, I am not sure what can be broader than that.

Another shameful act!


Fart Alert

Mr Kali Ghosh, state general secretary of the CITU
“We believe workers will resort to strike as long as capitalism and exploitation are there,”
CPI leader, Mr D Raja
“Staging bandhs is a democratic right. How can it be curbed?”

Going forward, I will try to capture most outrageos quote of the day in "Fart Alert". Folks if you see something interesting please let me know

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A dangerous precident: India's Catholics to Rally, Shut Schools to Protest Killings

In a move fraught with great danger, India's Catholic bishops called for nationwide rallies and asked schools to close on Aug. 29 to protest against violence that has claimed more than 11 lives till date.

The violence in orissa is a localized issue between two groups of people(may be communally divided). It would be very wrong for church to take up this in an organised way across the country. This would nationalise an issue which is currently localised in one district.

Why is educational institutions being shutdown? Educational institutions are secular and public institutions which should be kept insulated from taking positions in such bipartisan issues. After schools what? Would Christian institution run hospitals be shutdown? If church is bend upon pitting such public and secular institutions in bipartisan controversies GOI should take a strategic view on whether such groups be allowed to own/run Schools and Hospitals

What happens if police after investigation finds some christian group responsible for the death of Swami? As we know last December riots were triggered by attack on swami by a Christian Mob.

Apple iPhone: Hype Vs Reality.

After long wait of one and a half years, Last week, I also became "proud" owner of this black beauty - Apple-3G iPhone. But to put it mildly it was an Anticlimax.

On the positive note, its an engineering marvel. The hardware capabilities of iPhone surpass its nearest competitor(which I think is Sony Erickson) by miles. As with all apple products, the product is an absolute beauty. The touch screen and other sensors inside the phone which enable screen flip etc is brilliant, Voice clarity is good. Though it might be slightly big for ladies to get a comfortable grip.

If only hardware would make a good phone, iPhone would have no rivals(even in immediate future). Its the OS which makes iPhone an unwieldy piece of electronics. Even the simple functions which is taken for granted in even basic phone is not available in iPhone. A lot has been written on the features that are not available on iPhone so I will not go in details. Things as mundane as editing a phone number from recent calls is not possible. A look at iTunes reminds me of Ambassador car.

I think the source of problem lies in apple not having knowledge base on preferences of a typical phone user. The traditional Phone companies(like Nokia and Sony) build this intimate knowledge base thru their years of experience in this market. As an analogy, Apple making a phone is like Escorts (the tractor manufacturer) trying to make a luxury car. Ya both tractor and car has four wheels/steering/accelerator etc. But these things do not make a good luxury car.

It is the failure of media and "expert reviewers" that they got blown away by marketing hype and failed to take Apple to task for the shortcomings. I hope and wish that apple would comeup with some serious revisions of OS and do justice to the people who supported them. Untill then its back to basics....

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Who murdered Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati?

The killing of 85 year old Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati who, spearheaded the campaign against the religious conversion and cow slaughter in the tribal dominated district of Kandhamal for four decades, has once again sparked communal fires in Orissa. Last December, Kandhamal district, where the swami was based, saw a major communal clash – which lasted nearly a week — after the swami’s vehicle was stopped and he was attacked, allegedly by a Christian mob.

Orissa police was quick to blame naxals for the attack but now authorities have said other people besides a left extremist group may have been involved in the attack and investigators would look into all aspects of the case.

Meanwhile, Daily Pioneer reported that police have arrested Pradesh Kumar Das, an employee of the World Vision, a Christian Charity, from Khadagpur while escaping from the district at Buguda. In another drive, two other persons Vikram Digal and William Digal have been arrested from the house of Lal Digal, a local militant Christian, from Nuasahi at Gunjibadi, Nuagaan. They have admitted to having joined a group of 28 other assailants.

Meanwhile, Mgr Raphael Cheenath, archbishop of Cuttack-Bubaneshwar has added fuel to the fire by saying
Hindu nationalism is a cancer on India. The Cross has set deep roots in Orissa and The Church will be the light for generations to come in Orissa.
The Vatican condemned the attacks, calling for ‘an end to all bullying’ and a return to dialogue.
"It expresses its solidarity with local churches and the religious orders involved, and condemns these actions, which are an affront to dignity, peoples' freedom, and endanger peaceful civil coexistence,"

Desi bar girls bad, Videshi Belly dancers good

Few years back the Congress & NCP party took the moral high ground that Dance Bars corrupted people and heartlessly destroyed the lives of half a million families. They closed 3,500 dance bars, making over 500,000 people jobless.

But Sharad Pawar who heads BCCI had no qualms using scantly clad "foreign" cheerleaders during the IPL matches. During the IPL, Maharashtra deputy chief minister and home minister R R Patil from NCP, who led the campaign against dance bars, said
“The present question (of cheerleaders) cannot be equated with the police ban on dance bars. The ban on dance bars is commensurate with the sale of liquor. Cheerleaders’ is apparently a dance form by itself,”
Now Sinuous belly dancers from Ukraine and Mumbai entertained the audience during Janmashtami, which included State finance minister Jayant Patil and public works minister Chhagan Bhujbal besides several MPs and MLAs, at a dahi handi function organised by the NCP at Kherwadi, Bandra East, on Sunday

A senior cabinet minister who did not wish to be named asked
“What’s wrong if foreigners are dancing. They are like our Radha of olden days.”
Janmashtami, like many other religious festivals, is more than just for the devout —they are important social occasions where communities congregate and take part in traditions handed down over the years. NCP should have restricted its "liberal moralism" to IPL Matches

Monday, August 25, 2008

Communist Prachanda shows his colour

Prachanda's five-day official visit to Beijing is in a sharp departure from tradition where India has been the first port of call for most previous Nepalese prime ministers. It was India, which invited him first for the visit, but Prachanda went to China without accepting or rejecting the Indian invitation.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Cause of Pseudo Liberal - Kashmir

The Pseudoliberals who till recently basked in secular glory by vilifying Hinduism and bashing everything it stands for have a new cause now - Kashmir freedom. The separatist cry for "Kashmir Freedom" has suddenly found much needed support from assorted armchair Pseudoliberals. It makes sense coming from the group which believes patriotism as last refuge of the scoundrel and the concept of Nation-State to be anachronism. It was Arundhati Roy(the mother Pseudo) who claimed herself to be an “independent, mobile republic”, while protesting the nuclear tests.

Nation was shocked when Arundhati Roy declared that Kashmir needs Independence from India while attending a Azadi rally in Kashmir. Not to be left behind Vir Sanghavi of HT also have taken up the cause. Vir Sanghavi thinks we are hanging on to Kashmir because of our misplaced machoism!! The other reason he gives for Independence of Kashmir is because valley has only a population of 4 million that is 98 per cent Muslim. So why hold on to it? Going by the same logic why are we holding on to Siachen? after all no one lives there!

Nation needs to be on guard against such fringe elements who in their zeal to increase their "liberal quotient" provide intellectual support for separatist movement. If it was communist party of India who provided intellectual support for creation of Pakistan during Independence movements, its the pseudo liberals who have donned the mantle now(though CPM/CPI is working hard to hold on to number uno pseudo liberal position).

Such Individuals who provides moral/intellectual support should be charged with abetment of crime under section 121 of IPC which deals with Waging, or attempting to wage war, or abetting waging of war, against the Government of India. According to this section whoever wages war against the Government of India, or attempts to wage such war, or abets the waging of such war, shall be punished with death, or for life or/and shall also be liable to fine.

Then whom am I saying this to? Afsal Guru is still alive and may walk free....