Thursday, August 28, 2008

J&K facts and figures (Figures are based as of 2002)

- Since the beginning of militancy in 1990, the J&K has managed to get the lion's share of Central resources-over Rs 35,571.3 crore in grants and assistance. In 2001-2, for instance, Jammu and Kashmir got Rs 4,577 crore from the Centre or over 10 per cent of the assistance to states. It has got more than any other state every year since 1995. Add to this projects in the state worth over Rs 25,000 crore being funded by the Centre.

- A Kashmiri gets eight times more money from the Centre than citizens from other states. While per capita Central assistance to other states moved from Rs 576.24 in 1992-93 to Rs 1,137 in 2000-1, that of the Kashmiri spiralled from Rs 3,197 to Rs 8,092.

- Jammu and Kashmir has the lowest poverty level in the country. The number of people living below the poverty line has dropped from 24.24 per cent in the 1980s to a mere 3.46 lakh people (3.48 per cent), compared to 26.10 per cent across India though the state's contribution to the GDP was less than 1 per cent in 2000-1.

- In 2002, In ACNielsen opinion poll only 1 per cent of the respondents favored being a part of Pakistan. Earlier in May, London-based Mori International, an independent research outfit, along with facts Worldwide asked respondents from the strife-torn state to choose between India and Pakistan. Sixty-one per cent of the Kashmiris polled asserted that they would "be better off politically and economically as an Indian citizen" and only 6 per cent favored a switch to Pakistani citizenship.

- In 2002, the Pakistan Government unveiled a Khushal Kashmir Programme with a corpus of Rs 28.9 crore. Compare this with the Rs 6,165 crore package announced by Prime Minister A.B. Vajpayee in May this side of the border.


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