Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Cause of Pseudo Liberal - Kashmir

The Pseudoliberals who till recently basked in secular glory by vilifying Hinduism and bashing everything it stands for have a new cause now - Kashmir freedom. The separatist cry for "Kashmir Freedom" has suddenly found much needed support from assorted armchair Pseudoliberals. It makes sense coming from the group which believes patriotism as last refuge of the scoundrel and the concept of Nation-State to be anachronism. It was Arundhati Roy(the mother Pseudo) who claimed herself to be an “independent, mobile republic”, while protesting the nuclear tests.

Nation was shocked when Arundhati Roy declared that Kashmir needs Independence from India while attending a Azadi rally in Kashmir. Not to be left behind Vir Sanghavi of HT also have taken up the cause. Vir Sanghavi thinks we are hanging on to Kashmir because of our misplaced machoism!! The other reason he gives for Independence of Kashmir is because valley has only a population of 4 million that is 98 per cent Muslim. So why hold on to it? Going by the same logic why are we holding on to Siachen? after all no one lives there!

Nation needs to be on guard against such fringe elements who in their zeal to increase their "liberal quotient" provide intellectual support for separatist movement. If it was communist party of India who provided intellectual support for creation of Pakistan during Independence movements, its the pseudo liberals who have donned the mantle now(though CPM/CPI is working hard to hold on to number uno pseudo liberal position).

Such Individuals who provides moral/intellectual support should be charged with abetment of crime under section 121 of IPC which deals with Waging, or attempting to wage war, or abetting waging of war, against the Government of India. According to this section whoever wages war against the Government of India, or attempts to wage such war, or abets the waging of such war, shall be punished with death, or for life or/and shall also be liable to fine.

Then whom am I saying this to? Afsal Guru is still alive and may walk free....


1conoclast said...



C'mon. Both Arundhati & Vir Sanghvi individually have much greater credibility that both you & I put together! They're educated people who've made a mark for themselves & have done & are doing their bit for India. More than we have or are.
They may think differently from us, but they have a much better chance of being right than we do. Do you realize that?

Panchajanya said...

For some people there is a psychological need to standout from the crown and be noticed. This outcry from lunatics like Ms. Roy comes due to this need. This cannot be termed as intellectual musing....

1conoclast said...

C'mon panch...

Arundhati already has the world at her feet. All she needs is to wear a vest & I will fall at her feet & worship her like a Goddess. She can't crave attention when she anyway has so much of it.
She stand up for issues and writes about them.
Ramchandra Guha insultingly compared her to arun shourie. How is it that an arun shourie's anti-Muslim & pro-bjp rants are logical & not attention seeking & the beautiful Arundhati is suffering from a psychological need?

This is unfair panchjanya. And you know it. :-)

Interestingly, much before Arundhati existed on the literary or political scene, a Gita spouting Hindu friend of mine had advocated that Kashmir should be given their freedom & we should rule them by proxy the way we rule Nepal. (His statement not mine!)

Are you saying that anyone who says something that doesn't fit into our scheme of things is wrong?

By that logic I shouldn't be talking to you at all. Since you stand for rightist extremism & I am a moderate. But we're talking right?