Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A dangerous precident: India's Catholics to Rally, Shut Schools to Protest Killings

In a move fraught with great danger, India's Catholic bishops called for nationwide rallies and asked schools to close on Aug. 29 to protest against violence that has claimed more than 11 lives till date.

The violence in orissa is a localized issue between two groups of people(may be communally divided). It would be very wrong for church to take up this in an organised way across the country. This would nationalise an issue which is currently localised in one district.

Why is educational institutions being shutdown? Educational institutions are secular and public institutions which should be kept insulated from taking positions in such bipartisan issues. After schools what? Would Christian institution run hospitals be shutdown? If church is bend upon pitting such public and secular institutions in bipartisan controversies GOI should take a strategic view on whether such groups be allowed to own/run Schools and Hospitals

What happens if police after investigation finds some christian group responsible for the death of Swami? As we know last December riots were triggered by attack on swami by a Christian Mob.


1conoclast said...
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1conoclast said...


Here's an eye-opener for you.

Do you have an answer for Sanju's question & mine?

Panchajanya said...

If only mutiny guys had balls to publsih my comments. Anyway I will post a reply for it in my blog