Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Desi bar girls bad, Videshi Belly dancers good

Few years back the Congress & NCP party took the moral high ground that Dance Bars corrupted people and heartlessly destroyed the lives of half a million families. They closed 3,500 dance bars, making over 500,000 people jobless.

But Sharad Pawar who heads BCCI had no qualms using scantly clad "foreign" cheerleaders during the IPL matches. During the IPL, Maharashtra deputy chief minister and home minister R R Patil from NCP, who led the campaign against dance bars, said
“The present question (of cheerleaders) cannot be equated with the police ban on dance bars. The ban on dance bars is commensurate with the sale of liquor. Cheerleaders’ is apparently a dance form by itself,”
Now Sinuous belly dancers from Ukraine and Mumbai entertained the audience during Janmashtami, which included State finance minister Jayant Patil and public works minister Chhagan Bhujbal besides several MPs and MLAs, at a dahi handi function organised by the NCP at Kherwadi, Bandra East, on Sunday

A senior cabinet minister who did not wish to be named asked
“What’s wrong if foreigners are dancing. They are like our Radha of olden days.”
Janmashtami, like many other religious festivals, is more than just for the devout —they are important social occasions where communities congregate and take part in traditions handed down over the years. NCP should have restricted its "liberal moralism" to IPL Matches

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1conoclast said...

I LOVE what's happening to Indian morality!!! :-)