Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Olympic Torch Gets a "CarPark" sendoff in Japan

It was supposed to all start with a gala send-off at one of Japan's most venerable and majestic Buddhist temples, the 1,400-year-old Zenkoji.

However, Zenkoji Withdrew at the last moment citing security concerns and unease among its monks and supporters over China's treatment of their fellow Buddhists in Tibet.

Adding insult to injury, Zenkoji announced Tuesday that it will co-host a prayer ritual for Tibet on the morning of the relay.

Zenkoji's sudden about face forced organizers to conduct a last-minute search for an alternate site. On such short notice, they found only a vacant lot in a Carpark!

The result the Beijing Olympic torch made its Japan debut in a parking lot.

Its the "I CAN" belief which matters the most

I am sure some of you folks might know the story of Paul Potts the  Carphone Warehouse salesman who went on to win "Britain’s got Talent" show.

Potts was raised in Fishponds, Bristol, by his father Roland, a bus driver, and mother, Yvonne, a supermarket cashier. He has two brothers and one sister.

According to Paul, He had been bullied in school, and that experience  had an influence on his lack of self-confidence. But with his dedication and Passion he achieves his ambition and Dream of singing.

A lesson for all of us.

Paul Potts Audition:


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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Marketing Brand "Yuvraj"

The Tempo of Marketing Rahul Gandhi is Building up. Though the Palace may Deny the obvious, if you put your ears to the ground you can hear unmistaken sound of Drum Rolls

The Marketing Campaign was Kicked off September Last year with Prince Rahul Gandhi humbly accepting the position of CWC Member and Party General Secretary. The party workers across India showed their joy bursting crackers and distributing sweets thus laying to rest any doubts regarding acceptability of Brand  Rahul Gandhi Within Congress

Then Crown prince embarked on a "Roadshow" to showcase himself to the Market or Electorate in this case. The roadshow was aptly named as "Discovery of India" perhaps to reinforce his Nehru Family Lineage. I guess the campaign managers were trying to tap in to Loyal Customers of Nehru Family. He successfully showcased his "superior" Features by "spending" quality time with Poor in Orissa and making politically "right noises".

Then the campaign was taken to next level when Court Jester Arjun Singh started "Rahul the Next PM" Champaign. As if premeditated, DMK Supremo quickly joined the Bandwagon by Approving "Rahul as Next PM" comment. DMK being Largest Alliance member of UPA, Approval of DMK Supremo gives allies seal of approval.

Now Rajya Sabha Congress MP EM Sudarsana Natchiappan has officially started referring Rahul Gandhi as "Yuvraj" in the Parliament. As expectedly, Rajmata and Crown Prince has in all humbleness asked People not to refer Rahul as "Yuvraj"

In coming days and months, we can expect this crescendo to buildup and we can only guess the climax.....

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The OUTRAGE called IPL

IPL, The  byproduct from convergence of Bollywood, Media and Business Interest has started rolling. And as expected in the mad  rush to make Quick Bucks, its rolling over everything which this country and cricket stand for. At one end, we have Cheerleading  girls imported from Germany and Washington Redskins , wearing short skirts and low-cut tops pushing the excitement level.

Its ironic that this is happening in a state where "Dance" Bars are Banned. NCP chief Sharad Pawar is the chief of BCCI which is organizing these matches and Maharashtra deputy chief minister and home minister R R Patil from NCP, who led an abortive campaign against dance bars, does not wish to embarrass his boss by banning the cheerleaders. According to  Patil,

"The present question (of cheerleaders) cannot be equated with the police ban on dance bars. The ban on dance bars is commensurate with the sale of liquor. Cheerleaders' is apparently a dance form by itself,"

At other end we have long time Colleagues and Pillars of National Cricket Team at each others throat like Mad Dogs. The effects of IPL on National Team will be grave, Can People who were at each others throat during IPL really work as a cohesive using when in National Team? B_Id_24741.jpg

Somehow the entire show resembles more like Bloodsports than Gentleman Cricket!

More outrageous is the fact, Billions are being spend on something as trivial as Twenty-Twenty Cricket when the country is grappling with issues like farmers' suicides and female infanticide, can we afford to waste our thoughts and time on issues that have absolutely no relation to the people's well-being? It only exposes the hypocrisy and Hollowness of our Sporting, Entertainment and Business Leaders

They say IPL is future of Cricket, If this is future of cricket then I rather spend my time in Strip Joints watching Pole Dance or Spend Money on betting on Hen Fight. 

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