Sunday, April 27, 2008

Marketing Brand "Yuvraj"

The Tempo of Marketing Rahul Gandhi is Building up. Though the Palace may Deny the obvious, if you put your ears to the ground you can hear unmistaken sound of Drum Rolls

The Marketing Campaign was Kicked off September Last year with Prince Rahul Gandhi humbly accepting the position of CWC Member and Party General Secretary. The party workers across India showed their joy bursting crackers and distributing sweets thus laying to rest any doubts regarding acceptability of Brand  Rahul Gandhi Within Congress

Then Crown prince embarked on a "Roadshow" to showcase himself to the Market or Electorate in this case. The roadshow was aptly named as "Discovery of India" perhaps to reinforce his Nehru Family Lineage. I guess the campaign managers were trying to tap in to Loyal Customers of Nehru Family. He successfully showcased his "superior" Features by "spending" quality time with Poor in Orissa and making politically "right noises".

Then the campaign was taken to next level when Court Jester Arjun Singh started "Rahul the Next PM" Champaign. As if premeditated, DMK Supremo quickly joined the Bandwagon by Approving "Rahul as Next PM" comment. DMK being Largest Alliance member of UPA, Approval of DMK Supremo gives allies seal of approval.

Now Rajya Sabha Congress MP EM Sudarsana Natchiappan has officially started referring Rahul Gandhi as "Yuvraj" in the Parliament. As expectedly, Rajmata and Crown Prince has in all humbleness asked People not to refer Rahul as "Yuvraj"

In coming days and months, we can expect this crescendo to buildup and we can only guess the climax.....

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