Friday, February 06, 2009

Is this propubber adovcating?



A party of a lifetime in this Punjab town Monday ended on a wild note when a few tipsy youth, including mostly girls, clashed with the police after a raid. Most of the youngsters were drunk when the police arrived to sort things out at a hotel on Bhupindra road here. The police intervened when people complained that the youth were getting out of control.
Some of the youngsters, especially the girls, were even thrashed by the police as they continued to create scenes there. One girl was slapped by a police official after she hit him. Other girls were beaten up by policewomen, according to sources.
Police officials said that over 40 boys and girls had gathered for the party. Some of them fled after the police arrived, but those who were completely drunk were rounded up and taken to a government hospital for medical examination.
No arrests were made till late on Monday night, the police officials added.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Pinarayi Vijayan Kerala CPM state secretary in League of global leaders

Kerala's CPM state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan has joined a select league of world leaders including Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao  and former US president George Bush  who have braved missiles in recent times.

Expectedly, coming from one of Kerala's dhoti-clad denizens, the missile was a chappal as against Jiabao and Bush who had to duck shoes in London and Baghdad respectively. In other similarities between the incidents, all three protestors missed their targets and all shouted curses to back up their acts.

Iraqi television journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi shouted "this is a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people, dog", when he hurled the first shoe and, "this is for the widows and orphans and all those killed in Iraq" when he threw the second one.

The young man who targeted Jiabao in London had shouted "dictator" while throwing the footwear, which reportedly missed the target by a metre.

The Payyannur protestor, identified as 29-year-old T M Shaji shouted "V S Achuthanandan zindabad" before throwing his chappal, just after Vijayan had reviewed a guard of honor by his cadres.


A League of their own

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

UPS has a polygamous Minister accused of raping a Minor and another minister is a smuggler

Congress's Goa minister Churchill Alemao has accused cabinet colleague and NCP leader Fransisco Pacheco of allegedly raping a minor girl, a decade ago.
"He (Pacheco) raped the daughter of a fisherwoman after taking her on a bike at Monte Hill in Margao a decade back. The mother had approached me and I had asked the then police inspector of Colva station to register the complaint," Alemao alleged at a news conference on the sidelines of ongoing state assembly session.
Pacheco is the tourism minister and both he and Alemao, the PWD minister, hail from Benaulim constituency,
From his side Pacheco produced documents from Customs department had alleged that Alemao along with his brother were declared as smugglers by the Customs department for allegedly smuggling contraband.
The arch rivals had clashed before too after Pacheco's wife Sara accused her husband of bigamy.
So we have a polygamous Minister accused of raping a Minor and another minister is a smuggler. Way to go UPA!!!!


This time Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao gets a shoe

An unnamed human rights activist throws a shoe at Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao during a speech at Cambridge university (February 2009).

Wen was nearing the end of his address on global economy when the man stood up, blew a whistle and shouted: "How can the university prostitute itself with this dictator? How can you listen to these lies?"

He then took off his shoe and threw it at the stage missing Wen by a few feet.

"Stand up and protest, you're not challenging him," he shouted in "European accent" before being bundled out of the room, the Times said.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Reservation is not a favour to Muslims, it is our right

There were several interesting (politically correct word for outrageous) comments during recent National Convention for Muslim Reservation organised by Joint Committee of Muslim Organisations for Empowerment. This convention was attended by high and mighty of secualr brigade. Following are some of the comments -

Students Islamic Organisation secretary Shahnawaz declared that Muslims were not seeking reservations as a favour from the state, but as a right. He said

"We should not think of this as a charity. We form 23.4 per cent of the population. Of that, some 10 per cent are affluent and do not need affirmative action. That leaves us with 12 per cent of the nation's population. So we must ask for exactly 12 per cent reservation, which is our due. Not 10 per cent, which will be an apologetic gesture, nor 15 per cent, which will be an unjust demand,"

Ibnais Mohammed of the Muslim Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam told the gathering,

"We should think of India as a corporate entity and its people as stakeholders. We have 15 per cent stake, and we deserve our share,"

Lok Janashakti Party chief Ramvilas Paswan spoke on the supposed 50 per cent ceiling that the Supreme Court has laid down for reservations 

"The 50 per cent ceiling for quota is not mentioned in the Constitution but is only an inference by the apex court,"

CPI General Secretary A B Bardhan said a large portion of the Muslim community in India was suffering from a sense of alienation and frustration, which is dangerous for the country.

"In the course of the struggle, we will have to find further proof for securing reservation for the community as a whole. There will also be a need to devise ways of addressing the reservation ceiling of 50 per cent".

Former chief justice A M Ahmadi justifying the need for reservation, said that of all the minorities, the Muslim community has over the last 60 years remained marginalised in all walks of life.

"They have been victims of both direct and indirect discrimination. A special effort is needed to bring them to the mainstream," 

Comments: Its interesting the common theme of Discrimination, fair Share all these comments


UP madarsa board bans co-education in its institutes

The Uttar Pradesh Board of Madarsa Education (UPBME) has banned co-education in madarsas across the state, saying it is against the "spirit of Islam". UPBME Chairman Haji Rizawan Haq said

"In Islam, parda (veil) is very important. By allowing co-education we promote 'be-pardgi' (women without veil), which is against Shariyat. "This is why we have directed all the madarsas to do away with the co-education system from this academic session. And we will ensure that this directive is followed in letter and spirit,"

He also added that the avowed aim of madrasa education is to inculcate the belief and practice of Islam among its followers and guide them to follow Quran and the traditions of the Prophet. The education is basically standing on two pillars of Quran and Sunna (Tradition of Prophet Mohammad).

Ajmal Kasab the lone surviving Mumbai killer has told Intelligence Bureau interrogators that during training in Pakistan, they were exposed to the writings of Awalaki, who now lives in Yemen. Awlaki's work is available at several madrassas in Pakistan. An IB source told that his documents were the turning point for Kasab who had doubts about taking up the gun since his mother opposed the idea. However, a portion of Awlaki's work was quoted to him during training, which finally convinced him about jihad. One document, which is in the IB's possession, quotes Awlaki as saying that jihad is obligatory for every Muslim and should be practiced by a child even if his parents object. Further, it states that jihad must be practiced even if a wife refuses a husband.

This would be interesting considering, the UPA government in a bid to mainstream madrassa education has decided to place madrassa certificates at par with those issued by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and affiliates of the Council of Board of School Education in India. 

Are these at Par???


Girls outshone boys yet again in the CBSE examinations with an impressive pass percentage of 87.96 per cent. Boys' pass percentage was 86.46 per cent

Mahatma Gandhi my Mentor and guide: Rahul Gandhi

Describing Mahatma Gandhi as his mentor who guides him in times of difficulty, Rahul slammed politicians for staying away from the masses and said

"I often wonder why political leaders remain away from people. Gandhiji used to write 100 letters daily just to remain in touch with people. These days we have television, Internet and everything but we are away from our people," 

Rahul is an advanced case of FIM (foot in mouth) disease. As Mahatma believed, he should start reform from his home and can get his mother to attend few interviews.

Even Gandhi might get violent by Rahuls claim of being Gandhi's follower

Is EC Election Commissioner or Element of Congress?

Finally Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami has belled the cat by recommending removal of EC Naveen Chawla to the President for "partisanship". Surprisingly, the ruling and self styled seculars decided to fault the Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami’s recommendation for removing Navin Chawla than focusing on the disturbing facts about Navin Chawla.

The main criticism against N Gopalaswami is on the timing of his recommendation. The delay was mainly because it took several reminders for Chawla to give reply to N Gopalaswami's inquiry which was finally done on December 10.

Navin Chawla, a 1969 batch IAS officer, belonging to the Delhi & Andaman Nicobar cadre held several important assignments before being appointed Election Commissioner on May 16, 2005. Shocked at the appointment of Navin Chawla as an Election Commissioner  205 MPs sent a representation against his appointment.

Naveen Chawla caught the public eye when he was posted as Secretary to the Lieutenant Governor of the Union Territory of Delhi Kishan Chand during the Emergency. During this period, he was very close to Sanjay Gandhi and wielded unprecedented power. After emergency, he was examined by the Shah Commission on charges involving illegal detention orders under the Maintenance of Internal Security Act during the Emergency; treatment of detainees in jails; confirmation of detention orders by the Lt governor in four-monthly review and working of the Administrative Review Committee; and the contemptuous attitude of the Delhi administration towards the ministry of home affairs. He was strongly indicted by the Shah Commission. The report said:

“S/Shri P SBhinder, K SBajwa and Navin Chawla exercised enormous powers during the emergency because they had easy access to the then Prime Minister’s house. Their approach to the problems of the period relating to the citizens was authoritarian and callous. They grossly misused their position and abused their powers in cynical disregard of the welfare of the citizens, and in the process rendered themselves unfit to hold any public office which demands an attitude of fairplay and consideration for others. In their relish for power, they completely subverted the normal channels of command and administrative procedures.’’ 

J C Shah was not a partisan political activist. He was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (1970-71) and headed the commission of enquiry that went into the Emergency excesses only in that capacity. 

Naveen Chawla escaped penal action on the basis of the Shah Commission’s report only because the Janata Party collapsed under its own weight and the government fell in July 1979. The Shah Commission, appointed under Section 3 of the Commission for Enquiry Act, 1952, had completed its work and submitted its report even before the collapse.

Indira Gandhi, on her return as Prime Minister in January 1980 lost no time in dumping the report and Navin Chawla was soon rehabilitated as deputy secretary, in the ministry of labour. He then climbed the ladder to become information and broadcasting secretary in May 2004 and picked to become Election Commissioner in May 2005 by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Cabinet.  

One more striking instance of gross misconduct of Naveen Chawla that came to light was the fact that he got donations and largesse for his family-run trust of which he and his wife Rupika are trustees. From who? The very politicians he is bound to oversee and discipline. Not surprisingly, all of them belong to a single party, the Congress. Chawla got funds allocated by Congress MPs from their MPLAD Scheme. The large hearted MPs were: A A Khan, R P Goenka, Ambika Soni, Karan Singh and A R Kidwai. Chawla’s trust was also allotted six acres of land from the Congress government in Rajasthan previously headed by Ashok Gehlot. It has been reported that Ambika Soni contributed Rs 15 lakh, Karan Singh Rs 10 lakh, A R Kidwai Rs 45 lakh.

In retrospect, it is Chawla’s appointment to the EC, and his continuance in EC, that is wrong. Not his removal recommended by Gopalaswami. The CEC must be commended for his courage, not faulted on wrong reasoning.

Finally on the question on CEC's right to recommend removal of EC. The Supreme Court had expressly vested this right in the CEC by its judgement in the case of T N Seshan vs Union of India [reported in (1995) 4 SCC 611]. The court ruled that “the CEC is a permanent incumbent” and “to preserve and safeguard his independence, has to be treated differently” from other members of the EC. The CEC cannot be removed except by impeachment; the other members are removable without this process. The power to remove other members needs to be retained, added the court. The court also ruled: “having safeguarded the CEC from external and executive pressure” confidence was reposed in CEC “to safeguard the independence” of his Election Commissioners by enjoining that they cannot be removed except on his recommendation.