Friday, February 06, 2009

Is this propubber adovcating?



A party of a lifetime in this Punjab town Monday ended on a wild note when a few tipsy youth, including mostly girls, clashed with the police after a raid. Most of the youngsters were drunk when the police arrived to sort things out at a hotel on Bhupindra road here. The police intervened when people complained that the youth were getting out of control.
Some of the youngsters, especially the girls, were even thrashed by the police as they continued to create scenes there. One girl was slapped by a police official after she hit him. Other girls were beaten up by policewomen, according to sources.
Police officials said that over 40 boys and girls had gathered for the party. Some of them fled after the police arrived, but those who were completely drunk were rounded up and taken to a government hospital for medical examination.
No arrests were made till late on Monday night, the police officials added.

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