Wednesday, July 19, 2006

No we are NOT ok

One day after the blast. The media kept reminding us that Mumbaikars are great. They have great resilience, they have Reported to work! the trains are full again. They have taken the death of 200 of their kind in stride and they have "Reported to work" as a slap on the face of Terrorism!

Its is really a Shameful exercise of Denial. Whom are they trying to protect? are they trying to protect this impotent UPA government.

Who said we are Ok, if we report to work its because we are working for survival. If we donot work for a week, our children will have to sleep empty stomach next month. We risk our life by taking train as there is no other alternative means for transportation. We are too poor to effort a car. This is a ruthless city where Darwin's theory is proved everyday. Please donot hoist our "fight for survival" for your petty political scores.

LEAVE US ALONE! Let me atleast grieve.

Guys its back to Emergency Era

Under the grab of 7/11, The UPA govt. has issued orders to ban many Blog sites. The move resembles the promulgation of Emergency and Press Censorship on June 26, 1975 which constituted the darkest chapter in press history in free India.

The list of the banned sites makes us doubt the sincerity of the move. To me it seems to be a move to gag the political opponents and right of free expression.

It is hilarious that some of the sites banned are ExposingTheLeft.Blogspot.Com which makes only one reference to Mumbai, which is: ‘‘At least 131 killed in India train bombings: More humanitarian acts from the ‘Religion of Peace’.’ Seems speaking on Hypocrisy of Left parties is also an "Anti National" act.

The other blogspot sites that the Government ordered a ban on: and, which plays on the word Mujahadeen (Pajama-hadeen). After all, the UPA govt. has to take care of the sentiments of Mujahadeen

Curiously, a fourth blogspot site,, is on the Government’s blacklist. It hosts only a woman’s rantings over how she ‘‘is bored.’’ Here I definitely agree with UPA Govt., A bored woman can be dangerous

Perhaps the lessons learn by communists on Press freedom in China, North Korea is coming handy for this government.

Its pathetic that instead of taking the terror head on (like Israel), UPA govt. is trying to fool people by such superficial moves.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Who is afraid of whom?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel after meeting with George Bush

Somebody please rescue me from him