Friday, August 18, 2006

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I am huge fan of Bollywood movies. There is something immensely compelling about them, in spite of their somewhat common storylines.
I am currently watching a new tearjerker.
The hero is from Chakwal district of the undivided Punjab - what is now a part of Pakistan. He comes from a very poor family and was the first one in his family to go to High school. His father dropped out of school in Class VIII and became a freedom fighter. So he has the blood of a freedom fighter flowing through his veins.
He worked hard to reach top government post. The villians conspire and he is reluctantly dragged into the politics. But he is not a politician... maybe a latecomer to politics.
Fifteen Years back, he rolled out some initiatives which would have helped the poor immensely. But People didnot realise the benefit and he was criticised— names and epithets were used.
Now he is trying to do something very big. All his friends and enemies are against this move. He becomes emotional. He cries out saying "I can say in all faithfulness—in the two years, three months, that this nation has entrusted me with, it has been my effort to do the very best to serve vital national interests. (Whether) I am strong or weak — history will determine"
The nation watches stunned...
Friends this was not a movie but taken directly from the reply of our Prime Minister to Nuclear Bill Discussion!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Another Independence from Terror

Another Independence Day is here. A proud day for "most" of the Indians. Its today 59 years ago, we got our independence thru a unique Non Violent Struggle.
Today should be the day of celebrations and pure joy. However, when I look around I see a nation under siege. Every vital installation & Place in the country looks like a fort.
- Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research: The Indian Army along with the commandos of the National Security Guards (NSG) has taken over security of the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR) at Kalpakkam, imposing an ‘informal curfew’ in and around the facility within a radius of 8 km.
- DELHI: Tens of thousands of police and paramilitary soldiers were deployed across the Indian capital, a city of 14 million people, where terror attacks were feared the most. Sharp shooters stood atop government offices, while security forces placed barricades on almost all major streets of the city.
- MUMBAI: Mumbai looks like a fortess.
- Kasmir: Nothing new in Kashmir which always looks like Fortess, Except some of the Kasmiris celebrate Independence day as Black Day
- Assam: Assam on Saturday sounded a maximum security alert, deploying army, police and paramilitary soldiers in vulnerable areas ahead of Independence Day celebrations even as the toll from an overnight landmine explosion went up to six.
- Central India: Central India is on alert for suspected Naxal Attacks

Seems that no part of India is safe. Is this our achievement in last 59 years. We are ruled by a leader who is supported by a group who pride themselves as watchdogs. True to their word, Unlike other watchdogs these specimens only Bark. Perhaps, its contageous also as our PM also seems to be doing the same everyday.