Friday, July 31, 2009

Why is PM hiding his nose after Pak Joint statement affair


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Question: How can you describe this government in three letters.

Answer: PranabManmohanSonia .

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The truth Congress donot want you to know

  1. There have been four acts of mass casualty terrorism since 1981. All the four were carried out when the Congress (I) was in power in New Delhi.
  2. There have been three instances of targeted attacks on foreigners since 1991--two in J&K and one in Mumbai. All the three were carried out when the Congress (I) was in power.
  3. There have been seven acts of ISI-sponsored aircraft hijackings since 1971. Six of them were carried out when the Congress (I) and one when the BJP was in power.
  4. There has been one instance of an Air India plane being blown up in mid-air killing over 250 persons. This took place when the Congress (I) was in power.
  5. The LET was banned by the Musharraf government as a terrorist organization through a gazette notification on January 15,2002. The Manmohan Singh government has not been able to get the JUD banned by the Zardari government even eight months after the Mumbai attack.
  6. Indira Gandhi was assassinated when the Congress (I) was in power in New Delhi. Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated when an ally of the Congress (I) was in power in New Delhi and another ally in Chennai.
  7. The Indian Mujahideen came into existence when the Congress (I) was in power.
  8. The first commando-style complex terrorist attack in Indian territory by a group of terrorists, all hailing from Pakistan, has taken place when the Congress (I) is in power.

The Prime Minister used former President Ronald Reagan of the US as a prop by quoting his remark: “Trust, but verify”. Yes, he had said it. In 1986 some US soldiers were killed by an explosion in a West Berlin discotheque. The US investigators established that the terrorists had come from Libya. After verification, he ordered the US Air Force to bomb the training centre in Libya.

Indian investigators have clearly verified and established that the terrorists who attacked Mumbai were trained in the POK.

Will the Prime Minister emulate Reagan?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The mysterious Balochistan dossier

The mystery surrounding Balochistan dossier detailing the evidence of an alleged Indian involvement in the Balochistan insurgency just got murkier! I personally think there is more to it than government is admitting.

Lets analyze the sequence of events -

  • For first time ever Balochistan finds a mention in Indo Pak joint statement. Till this date, Balochistan had never been mentioned in any talks. It was also mentioned in such a way as if India has some role to play in the problems in Baloch. The statement read -

“Pakistan has some information on threats in Balochistan and other areas.”

  • Back Home Pakistan started claiming that they have handed over a dossier to India which India vehemently denied. They also claimed that Pakistan has shared these evidences with the United States and Afghanistan

  • If we read point 1 & 2 together, how do India know that Pakistan has some information? Has Pakistan show/shared this info?my gut feeling is yes Pakistan has shared some information otherwise how would India agree to put it in joint statement!

  • The Prime Minister yesterday claimed that , "No dossier on Balochistan has been handed over to me. But was any dossier(or information detailing India's alleged involvement) handed over to GOI?

      • US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke has now said that Pakistani leaders brought up the issue of India's alleged involvement in Balochistan. He said

      "I would be misleading, if I said it didn't come up,"

      • Richard Holbrooke statement is in line with what Dawn claimed. However, Richard Holbrooke also said that Pakistan did not give any credible evidence to support their claim. He  said:

      "The narrow answer to your question is no."

      However, he did not elaborate any further.

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      Obviously MMS thinks very highly of himself


      I am pursuing Vajpayees Vision….

      Wednesday, July 29, 2009

      India-ASEAN trade pact: Final knockout punch for Kerala Industries

      Cabinet has given its consent for the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Asean in spite of the objection from its own MP’s.

      Manmohan Singh said,

      "A free trade agreement with Asean is an international political commitment and is also part of the Look East Policy."

      When the agreement is implemented, the present 70 percent import duty on pepper will come down by 2 percent every year. Likewise, the import duty on tea and coffee, which is now 80 percent, would come down to 45 percent and that on rubber would come down to 50 percent after 10 years. The FTA will also eliminate import tariffs on around 4,000 items.

      This would spell doom for Kerala’s pepper, tea, coffee, spices and rubber as markets will be  flooded with cheaper imports from other countries. 

      Thankyou PM for killing last of Kerala Industries and also  thankyou to 15 odd congress MP’s which Kerala elected this Lok Sabha elections

      Monday, July 27, 2009

      Under Congress India continues to live in Unreal world!

      Soon after Independence, the first commander-in-chief of the Indian armed forces, General Sir Robert Lockhart, presented a paper outlining a plan for the growth of the Indian Army to Prime Minister Nehru. Nehru’s reply:

      ‘We don’t need a defence plan. Our policy is non-violence. We foresee no military threats. You can scrap the army. The police are good enough to meet our security needs.’

      Nehru didn’t waste much time. On September 16, 1947, he directed that the army’s then strength of 280,000 be brought down to 150,000. Even in fiscal 1950-51, when the Chinese threat had begun to loom large on the horizon, 50,000 army personnel were sent home as per his original plan to disband the armed forces.

      He realized his folly (a bit too late) after the debacle of china war. In 1963, he said in Rajya Sabha

      "I remember many a time when our senior generals came to us, and wrote to the defence ministry saying that they wanted certain things... If we had had foresight, known exactly what would happen, we would have done something else... what India has learnt from the Chinese invasion is that in the world of today there is no place for weak nations... We have been living in an unreal world of our own creation."

      Unfortunately, even then he refused to personally take responsibility of the debacle, he took umbrage behind the collective decision (he used we instead of i)

      Kargil War Heros – Lest We Forget


      Musharraf Bullshits… and gets away with it….

      imageTerming Kargil as a "big success", former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has said India  agreed to discuss Kashmir only because of kargil war. Musharraf said in a TV interview.

      "Yes, indeed, it was a big success because it had (an) impact even on the attitudes  of the Indian side. How did we start discussing the Kashmir dispute? How was it that the Indians agreed that we will discuss Kashmir and there must be a negotiated settlement? Before this there was no such thing at all,"

      I wonder how can Musharraf forget “Lahore Declaration” signed on 21st February 1999 in the presence of Prime Minister of India, Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee, and Prime Minister of Pakistan. I guess he was too busy planning his next Machiavellian plot. 

      Pakistan would have been saved from the humiliation of their second military defeat, If only he had read the text of the Declaration which would have read , it would have read

      Recalling their agreement of 23rd September, 1998, that an environment of peace and security is in the supreme national interest of both sides and that the resolution of all outstanding issues, including Jammu and Kashmir, is essential for this purpose;

      Have agreed that their respective Governments:

      • shall intensify their efforts to resolve all issues, including the issue of Jammu and Kashmir.

      US pressure behind India’s unexpected soft line with Pakistan?


      I did not intend to hurt Zardari: PM

      US pressure behind soft line with Pakistan?

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      PM Manmohan Singh makes “shameful” concessions at “Sharm el Sheikh”

      Sharm is urdu word for shame

      Sunday, July 26, 2009