Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hurray April Fool

It seems that UPA Govt. has fooled people of India royally and it was not even April fools day.

A day ahead of the meeting of the 45-nation Nuclear Suppliers Group(NSG) in Vienna where the fate of the controversial Indo-US nuclear deal is expected to be decided, the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee Howard Berman has released State Department's answers to 45 questions on the deal which indicate clearly differing perceptions on key issues between New Delhi and Washington.The questions were submitted to the State Department by Berman's predecessor Tom Lantos way back in October, 2007 and answers were sent on January 16, 2008. For nine months, these documents were kept under wraps and have been made public just before the Viennmeeting. According to Washington Post which quoted a spokesman for Berman The answers were considered
‘so sensitive, particularly because the debate over the agreement in India could have toppled the government of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that the State Department requested they remain secret even though they were not classified,’
Some of terms of agreement meant:-

1. Should India detonate a nuclear explosive device, the US has the right to cease all nuclear cooperation with it immediately, including the supply of fuel.

2. It also stipulates that US can request India to return items transferred from it including fresh fuel.

3. US has the right to terminate the agreement on one year's written notice.

4. The fuel supply assurances are not, however, meant to insulate India against the consequences of a nuclear explosive test or a violation of non-proliferation commitments,

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