Thursday, September 04, 2008

Identify who is a farmer?

(A) Someone enjoying his life

(B) Oscar Fernandez

(C) Arjun Singh

(D) Amitabh

(E) All of the above

(F) None of above

The correct answer is E

Amitabh: In 2006 the actor showed the Pune district authorities a certificate from the then Barabanki district magistrate, Ramashankar Sahu, saying Amitabh was a farmer because he owned farmland in the district. Its another matter that the superstar donot have much credentials to speak of as a farmer. Even on screen, he played a farmer only once (Veer-Zaara) in his four-decade-old career.

Arjun Singh & Oscar fernandez: The official bio of Arjun Singh's and Oscar states their profession as Farmer/Agriculturist.

Tailpiece: I am not sure whether the "profession" column in Parliament Biodata covers past professions also? I think we can confirm taht it requires you to indicate your current profession as Sonia Gandhi has indicated her profession to be "Political & Social Worker"

By the way , the Bombay High Court has held that a performer at a hotel who had earlier been a bar dancer can be a 'genuine artist',. Justice A B Chaudhary said.

"Merely because these girls were performing in dance bars earlier, it cannot be readily inferred that they are not genuine artists,"

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