Thursday, July 02, 2009

Will help family 'unplanning': Kerala church

Worried over what it calls the decline in the numbers of its community young, the Catholic Church in Kerala is planning medical schemes for reversal of tubectomy among women and remedial support for infertile couples.

Fr Jose Kottayil, secretary to Kerala Catholic Bishops Council’s (KCBC) Commission for Family, said the church wants financially-sound families to beget more than two children.

“The church will extend support to women who want to undergo reversal of tubectomy or recanalisation. For this, the church will work out cost-effective packages in the hospitals it runs.”

Imagine the out cry it would have caused if a Hindu Leader had said the same thing!!! In fact, the entire assorted secular brigade went into a trance when Sudarshanji raised the same issue few years back.

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JSincro said...

i agree with u fully!

this shows both the leaders of both the communities r only thinking in terms of strength of numbers of their community, they r only worried abt d betterment of their own community! desh gaya bhad mein!