Monday, July 06, 2009

Why no chaddis are being send to Shiela Dixit

Last year assorted secular activists made a huge hue and cry when few ladies were assaulted in a Pub in Magalore. They launched Pink Chaddi campaign. Union Minister Renuka Choudhary even went a step further by asking people to launch Pub Bharo  campaign. While not justifying that act, it seems the arm chair women activists has conveniently forgotten the real areas of concern.

Delhi has become dreaded for women. A woman is raped in the Indian capital every 1000th Minute!.

From a 18-months old child to a 80-year-old woman none are safe in Delhi.  A latest government data shows that national Capital is one of the most unsafe city among the four metros in India, with Delhi witnessing a rape in every thousand minutes. The statistics prepared by National Crime Records shows that Delhi city, excluding the rural areas. The figures are more dreadful if we include data from whole of Delhi, including rural areas, in these areas 598 rape cases were registered in 2007, that is, every 878.9 minutes, a rape is taking place! For Mumbai the figure was 3020.7 minutes.

Will Shiela Dixit please wake up…..

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