Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Now a Muslim University to teach Muslims

Union Budget has allocated 25 crore each for the AMU to set up campuses at Murshidabad in West Bengal and Malappuram in Kerala. Outside Kashmir, Murshidabad in West Bengal & Malapurram in Kerala are the only two Muslim majority districts in India. The significance of establishing a Aligarh “Muslim” University in “Muslim” majority districts is not lost to anyone!

One fails to understand the logic behind establishing a AMU campus in these districts. If iot was done for furthering the cause of education &  in these Muslim majority districts then AMU is hardly the best choice! Is it being assumed that a “Muslim” university will be best placed to spread higher education in the area. AMU is not known for its pursuit of all-round excellence. Except for its contribution to Mughal history, made about three decades ago, very little emanating from AMU merits the adjective, ‘excellent’. The university once supported Partition and has been known for harboring communal ideas.

This comes immediately after Mamata announcing free monthly season tickets for  students attending Madrassa, High Madrassa and senior Madrasa. At this pace, day is not far when this “secular” government would announce reservation for Madrassa students, they are anyway now considered par with CBSE students!

Under the present circumstance, one cannot be faulted for believing this move to be one of several steps to appease Muslims. The reasons behind the idea are communal and therefore dangerous for the nation!

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