Friday, September 18, 2009

Internationally Leftists collude to isolate India

Barely weeks after it failed in its attempt to block Asian Development Bank (ADB) funds to a project in Arunachal Pradesh, China has successfully struck back with the support of new found Ideological partners in Australia and Japan. China won a vote on a “disclosure agreement,” which prevents ADB from formally acknowledging Arunachal Pradesh as part of India. (A disclosure agreement is a formal notification of a project once it’s approved by the ADB Board).

Countries who colluded with China’s to Isolate India are Japan, Australia and a group of other South East Asian countries. The only commonality between the countries which colluded against India is either they have a LEFT government or are Muslim majority.

We are still unsure on views of China sidekicks in India - CPM & CPI. I also wonder how this time our esteemed foreign minister will make light of this serious issue. Surprisingly, UPA government called off high-level meeting to discuss alleged Chinese border intrusions because of differences between the external affairs ministry and the Prime Minister's Office on the one hand and the defense ministry on the other

The external affairs ministry has publicly tried to downplay the reported incursions while defence ministry has pitched for a more assertive approach. Its shocking that even on such an important issue UPA government could not make up its mind well

I guess it might have something to do with current austerity mood in government. This is Austerity in taking decisions

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