Wednesday, September 16, 2009

As usual Congress is Running with the hare and hunting with the hounds

Dr Singh yesterday told national gathering of police chiefs that Maoist rebels now pose the gravest threat to India's internal security and accepted that his government is losing the battle against Maoist rebels

However, Jharkhand Governor K Sankaranarayanan  who was at one time finance minister in A K Anthony government in Kerala  is making pro-Maoist moves aimed at gaining their support in favor of the Congress for Assembly election.

In a statement branding all police martyrs and political leaders killed by Maoists as corrupt he said

Naxalites do not harm honest police officers

I guess under this governors regime no policeman would dare sacrifice his life fighting maoist as there is a risk that the government will brand him as corrupt.

Congress has come out strongly supporting the Governor, Jharkhand affairs-in-charge of the Congress K. Keshav Rao said

“The governor only meant that rebels don’t harass honest officials unnecessarily. The rebel problem is a socio-economic one and it can be solved through talks. We are ready to talk with rebels here, but they have to lay down their arms first,”

It seems our PM is either totally out of loop from his party or he lying through his teeth.

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