Wednesday, September 16, 2009

To increase YSR Myth: Congress trades Dead

Inspite of best efforts by Rudali Media and Congress, Investigations has confirmed what sane people across India had suspected all along. Scores of people who had died supposedly of shock following YSR’s tragic death had died of natural causes. Congress had literally bought(yes as in buying)  dead to add to YSR Myth.

In fact Congress effort to spread the lies about the deaths was so elaborate that Congress Legislature Party (CLP) periodically released 'bulletins' on the number of deaths due to heart attacks and suicides to the media, attributing them to Reddy's sad end. And the faithful Rudali media diligently kept feeding the gullible nation!

Local Congress leaders including a state minister paid the families Rs 5,000 for each dead to attribute the death of their loved ones to shock.

It seems it all started with the death of 70-year-old Uppalaiah, a potter from the remote Lakshmipuram village of Parakala mandal. A local Congressman smelling opportunity informed Sakshi television channel, owned by Jaganmohan, that Uppalaiah had died of a heart attack after watching the news of Reddy's death on television. And then everything is history. The cruel fact is Uppalaiah's was desperately poor family who does not own a television set!

Even Chukka Sayamma, an 80-year-old woman died in her sleep was not spared.

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