Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Austerity Measures UPA missing wood for the trees

For entire day yesterday, NDTV headlines centered around austerity drive of congress. The headlines ranged from Sonia Gandhi traveling economy class to austerity lunch of  Mr UN Tharoor. I can understand they ignoring “Man-eating” government in Gujarat snatching four seats from the Congress, winning five out of seven seats. if people of gujarat wants to get eaten by their own givernment its their problem. But how could they ignore our DemiGod Tendulkar’s century which he himself described “as one of his best innings”. I guess for NDTV its a case of grapes gone sour. I think they are now more focusing on film personalities after they lost their bid for telecast rights of IPL II.

At one point I almost expected a commercial break during NDTV news announcing “This part of news is brought to you by congress marketing team”

Anyway what NDTV will not tell you is Sonia Gandhi flying Economy  to Mumbai is only one part of story. The story will be more complete if they tell you the entire expense of Sonia flyging to Mumbai. Add to the expenses, the costs of fares for five rows reserved for the security personnel and the three SUVs flown down to Mumbai by another aircraft at the cost of rupees three lakh. The total expenses of the economy class travel with 15 seats in all were Rs 55,000 compared to the travel in business class with six security personnel at the cost of Rs 62,000. The savings were a mere Rs 7,000.

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