Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Senior Congress leader Kagodu Timmappa: Cut the hands of those who say Hindutva

Literal translation of speech

Background: BJP candidate of uttara kannada(Canara/Karwar) had said that "He doesnt want even a single vote from Muslims, He would ask for vote only from Hindus,Jains,CHristians and Buddhists". 

The exact translation of the speech:

"why should only the carpenter do the wood work, Why should only Dhoby wash the clothes"
(comment: I dont understand How Hindutva /Hinduism is preventing others doing this work)

Eee Hindutva antha haluvera kayi(hand) munche kadi (chop) bheku
Whosoever speaks of Hindutva, first their hands should be chopped off.

" Ananthkumar hegde has said that he doesnt want minority vote and wants oinly majority vote, Who is Majority, When did these(Majority) people come here?"
(comment: He might be thinking that Muslims were original inhabitants of India, I really dont get what he meant)

"You people (Brahmins) are the one who does the pooja and we are here only to take prasad, Aren't you ashamed of it"
(comment: Current law permits one to worship even inside the temple if he has scholared the veda and follows the rules defined for it..In fcat in many temples of Karnataka even Non-brahmins perform Poooja..)

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