Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pranab da: The perennial number 2

Its amazing how congress has sidelined Pranab da from PM position.

Pranab da is the man who has shouldered the most challenging of responsibilities for the government in the past five years. There were times in the past few years when he seemed to carrying a major part of the workload -- heading 150-odd GoMs and playing firefighter with allies -- and even Leader of Opposition L K Advani complimented him for his efficiency.

However, he has been completely sidelined from PM position because - 

  1. Personal Whim of Sonia Gandhi: According to Da, Congress president Sonia Gandhi was comfortable with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
  2. Second reason is more outrageous, his "inadequate'' knowledge of Hindi!!. This is shocking considering congress is ruling (and if fact surviving) due to the seats it won from south of India. I think this is a rule imposed by Gandhi family to exclude an influential section of party leadership (read south) from top post. Was APJ Kalam an expert in hindi? If Sonia who has zero knowledge of Hindi (infact any Indian Language) can become INC President why cannot Pranab become PM!!!
  3. Comes from a state which has been dominated by the Left. this is really childish!!! WB has given India top cream of political thinkers!!! and I didnot realise that congress has great strength in Italy!!!

Please pressurize Congress to consider Pranab da as congress PM candidate. Please visit and support the cause and please get your friends also to support this.


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