Friday, April 17, 2009

Is Indian media trying to influence election & trying to subvert EC!!

Headline from Indian express reads Congress has slight edge over BJP, predict analysts

Then it goes on saying Congress appears to have a slight edge over the BJP in key states but both parties are likely to fall short of a majority in the Lok Sabha elections which may lead to intense horse-trading before a new government assumes power, an American think tank has predicted.

Now the devil is in details!!!

Stratfor’s claim to fame is its founder who is so called Renowned author and futurologist George Friedman founded STRATFOR in 1996. Most recently, he authored the international bestseller, The Next 100 Years. Dr. Friedman is supported by a team of professionals with widespread experience, many of whom are internationally recognized in their own right. Although its headquarters are in Austin, Texas, STRATFOR’s staff is widely distributed throughout the world

The objective of EC stricture against Polls was to prevent any undue influence on voters mind. Now media is trying to achieve same thru "foreign" analyst of dubious nature!!!

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JSincro said...

our media always influences elections! and i think they always favour congress! these days everytime i put on the news i see either rahul, priyanka or sonia's rallies, speeches or interviews! why? dont we have other politicians?