Sunday, April 12, 2009

Even PM manmohan Singh gets Macho in front of Fairer Sex

The Heman-mohan Singh

Even Bhagwan Sri Krishna got  swayed in presence of fairer sex, then how can we blame Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for  making some macho statements in presence of capitals Women Journalists especially at a time when he is being called and his “strength” under evaluation.

Prime Minister speaking to Capital's women journalists became “unusually” combative and claimed that 

"I was very clear that if the nuclear deal had not gone through, I would have resigned as prime minister”

The surprise macho statement is completely opposite to what Manmohan Singh told his audience while replying to a question after he received the ‘Leader of the Year’ Award from NDTV. At that time he had said

I have already said that if the deal does not go through, it will be a disappointment but in life one has to learn to live with many disappointments

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