Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Please Vote with eyes wide open

This years parliament election is the crucial for the destiny of you and our country We have four formations to chose from BJP led NDA front(Right), Congress led UPA(Centre with slight tilt to left), CPM led Third front(not sure where they stand) and SP led fourth front(not sure where they stand). Choose your candidate with care.

Pick a Party as if your child's life depended on it and determine whether they would satisfy your needs. Dont fall into the trap of defining your needs just by “Food, Shelter and clothes” we human beings have much higher needs.



Liking a candidate is not enough. The decisions made by the next prime minister and his team will decide the future of you and your child. They will determine whether you are safe while going out with family, Whether your child gets a job or not etc.

Another way to think is if India is your company will you employ such a person? Is he trust worthy? Does he delivery what he promises? How is his integrity? How is his loyalty? Do you really think a person who cannot be even loyal to the party which mentored him can be loyal to you?

Vote for the Party who has a PM candidate who has the competence and character to guide your child, and the country.

Above all, chose a PM who considers self above nation. Let Caste, Creed, Color, religion not be your guide. We owe this to our future generation.

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