Friday, August 28, 2009

CPM Kerala Party Secretary Pinarayi has lost his BEARING!

No one (not even his party men) has high opinion on intelligence of CPM state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan. But his latest claims blaming the RSS for the murder of Paul Muthoot George can only come from the mind of  a demented personality. He making this claim because killer has used a S-shaped knife. And according to him S-shaped knife is an RSS specialty!!!

In doing so he is refuting his own police version that it was a ‘quotation’ gang from Changanassery which had murdered Paul George and that the attack was an aftermath of a drunken-brawl.

His allegation comes in wake of growing suspicion about Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan’s office and relatives involvement in this case. Paul when he was killed was accompanied in the car by Om Prakash and Puthenpalam Rajesh, who were goondas associated with the CPM and it was two police officials of Kollam district who had saved these goondas. I guess Pinnarai is following age old policy of CPM to attack the RSS if anything wrong that happens in the state

Paul George Muthoot, a prominent businessman of the Kerala-based Muthoot Finance group, was waylaid and killed by the 12 member gang shortly after midnight while he was returning home from a resort in his car.

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Anonymous said...

Vijayan Pinarayi will now leave for the Ming Province of China; under the new 'Visa' that China will issued for some villages in Kerala ( like they've done fo Jammu & Kashmir). He will undergo plastic surgery and don a pair of chinky eyes, straight hair and yellow skin, and adopt the name Pe Xio Chan. He will then go on to start a (what else?) Chayakada in Manchu province to sell (what else?) Parippuvada & Kattanchaya!
Inquilaan 'Chin'dabaad!