Tuesday, August 25, 2009

There will be no knight in shining armor to rescue BJP

Arun Shourie has dropped a bombshell by suggesting RSS  should do what Mao had once advised his countrymen.

Bombard the headquarters. Clean up everybody from the top. Bring 10-15 people from the states who are competent, honest and dedicated and reconstruct immediately.”

He went on to add

RSS should have a tighter control over the party and its working “just like an eagle”. “The RSS need not give so much democracy to the party.

However, RSS again reemphasized its oft stated policy that that it will not intervene in BJP affairs and that the party will have to "analyse" the developments and take the right decision.RSS would provide "help and advice" to the BJP "but the political work has to be managed by them." Ram Madhav told

"I want to say this clearly that it is not the job of the RSS,"

RSS has rightly kept its distance from murky world of politics and focused on nation building thru social work. RSS view about politics was captured by ex RSS chief K.S. Sudarshanji when he compared politics to prostitutes. He said

“We have kept ourselves away from politics as salvation cannot be attained through it. Politics keeps changing every minute. Like a prostitute who keeps changing her form, politics also keeps changing its appearance. There is no permanent element in politics,”

Also, RSS can only be messengers of change by offering advice and opinions. RSS can offer a path to transform BJP into a Ideology-driven, Nation-focused organization. But it cannot bring about the change. Change must come from within BJP. Until leadership in BJP recognizes the imperative for change, it will not happen. Over involvement focusing on BJP’s problem will defocus RSS from more critical nation building activity. RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat is also known to favour a hands-off approach when it comes to BJP

It is romantic to dream & believe that a knight in shining armor would come and rescue the maiden from evil forces and perhaps it is even possible in the imaginary world. However, real world this would remain a pipedream.

Please leave your opinion on comments. Its a very important issue.

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JSincro said...

I agree with Arun Shourie completely, if RSS doesnt step in, I dont think BJP on its own will be able to do anything! None of the national leaders seem to be acting responsible!

RSS is BJP's knight in shining armour!

Something needs to be done that's drastic, and fast!
The oldies, all of whom are sitting at the party headquarters are resisting change!