Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is TOI - Toilet of India

Todays Times of India has a screaming headline Anti-Sardar Patel book sold from RSS HQ in Gujarat. The reporter Ashish Vashi reoports with baited breath that Seshadri ji’s bookj `The Tragic Story of Partition'  has unflattering references to Nehru and Patel as Seshadri clubs both and holds them responsible for partition!

Following are the excerpt which he found most offending. I am still trying very hard to find the anti sardar reference in this

``When the new Viceroy Lord Mountbatten announced on 3rd June 1947 the plan of transfer of power, it came as a stunning blow to the people. For that plan, approved by Nehru and Patel, had envisaged cutting up Bharat and creation of Pakistan! ... The great and trusted leaders of Congress had turned their back on the sacred oaths they had taken, and the pledges they had administered to the people. What took place on the August 15-15, 1947, was this gross betrayal of the nation's faith, the betrayal of the dreams of countless fighters and martyrs who had plunged into the fire of freedom struggle with the vision of Akhand Bharat in their hearts.''

On another page, Seshadri writes: ``The Working Committee met in a tense atmosphere. Everybody felt depressed at the prospect of Partition. The Viceroy's proposals were accepted without much discussion. As a matter of fact, Jawaharlal and Vallabhai were already committed to the acceptance of the proposals. There was no critical examination...''

People go to Toilet to excrete human waste, It seems TOI has taken that place for Intellectual waste

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