Wednesday, March 04, 2009

SHOCKING New form of Jihad - Love Jihad



Few days back a secular Malayalam Daily, Kerala Kaumudi exposed shocking revelations about a jihadi organisation named ‘Love Jihad’ which has been conveniently ignored by rest of the media. Such type of news was floating around for last several years and till date I had thought that as handiwork of some loonie! NOW I AM CONVINCED!!!

Literal translation of above news article

Love Jihad” which aims to convert by marriage in kerala also

Organisation named as “love Jihad” with objective to trap girls in the web of love in order to marry in kerala also. Its learned that this organisation has converted 100’s of girls thru this modus operandi.

Special branch of Police started investigation when more than 4000 such marriages within last 6 months was reported thru panchayat directory. Highest concentration of such marriages were reported in Malapurram District of kerala. There are reports of such marriage in other districts also.

This organisation is using a group of young boys from a certain religion. They are instructed to lure girls of a certain religion. As per the instructions to recruits of this organisation, they have to love a girl of "certain religion" within the time frame of 2 weeks and brainwash them to get converted and marry within 6 months. Special instructions to breed atleast 4 kids have also been given. If the target won’t get trapped within first 2 weeks, they are instructed to leave them and move on to another girl.

The money required for this coming from foreign organisations. This organisation has started working in kerala for last 1 year. Modern gadgets like Free Mobile Phone, Bikes and Fashionable dresses are given to the recruits as tools for the mission.

Each district have their own zone chairman’s to oversee the mission. Prior to College admission they make a list of girls segregating them along religious lines

For non Keralites, Kerala Kaumudi is a popular Malayalam daily newspaper with editions in all major Kerala cities. It has many online editions like Kaumudi USA, Kaumudi Europe, Kaumudi Singapore, Malayalam and English editions.  Other publications from Kaumudi group are Kala Kaumudi, Vellinakshtram, Fire, Snehitha and Aayurarogyam.



Lexiss said...

Sad!! People need to be warned about this.

mauriya said...

It is shocking that such covert religious activities are taking place in a predominantly Hindu country.
Indians should wake up from their complacency and take proactive actions against this type of conversion.
Known outfits/cells orchestrating these love jihads should be banned and the culprits/masterminds jailed for intimidation, coercion, and forceful conversion of underaged girls.
The very fact these vermins are targetting college and secondary school students who are gullible and impressionable, the authorities should nip this perfidy in the bud.
Don't wait until it is too late. Islam does not allow its followers to leave it once they are in its clutch.

lucy said...

We've recently had bushfire jihad here in Australia

Prakeerth said...

I happened to see a popular Malayalam Weekly in the news-stand with the title 'Love Jihaad'. It spurred my curiosity and I bought a copy of the same to read the shocking news that Non-Muslims girls are seduced, sexually abused and then handed over to terrorist outfits to carry out jihaadi operations.The eloped girls do not have a choice.The elopement will leave them vulnerable to such acts of terror as in most cases, their families discard them. Hindus and Christians, wake up or get ready to perish. This sort of attacks are meant to destroy the very fabric your family system.Corrupting the minds and bodies of our children and then eventually wipe us out of this country.The plans and blueprints have been made to achieve this long term objectives at any cost with the help of Jihadi outfits all over the world.It is just a wake up call. Do or Die!

Anonymous said...

Shaheen Muhammed said...

proof people...proof people..where da hell has this newspaper come up with an authentic proof that proves that such an organisation exists..?...tell me which is the foriegn fund organisation?...tell me the leaders...giv me some authentic quote..anything...just making ur own statemnt to be an exclusive breakin news kind of newspaper is fun dude...but duh...get over it...come out with sumthing true...all media constructed...not at all convincing news...and u educaed people belive dem with those hindu radicals playing it more for u...shame on the whole story thru various sources...anlayse..and then u ll find its all a fake concept made by these people...bullshit..

Anonymous said...

For those "angry and excited" comments without verifying the "secular newspaper" stories, first go through below links and then use your brains not kidneys to think. If girls/boys are missing (either muslim hindu or christian) there might be some crime mysterious like this:
Don't blame everything in and out to the account of Islam and muslims.
India is a very diverse country, please don't make and spread fake stories to create drift between communities.

Anonymous said...

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peecee punnoose said...

I don't know why people from one community is getting agitated about the news/article in Kerala Kaumudi. They just mentioned only 'one community' employing covert methods for conversion known as 'Love Jihad'. The spontaneous reaction justify the article. If your community is not employing Love Jihad for conversions, just keep quite, there is no reason for being agitated.