Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Damn the lateral entrants

It seems that “lateral entrants” to BJP are primary cause for sparking the bush fires it is now trying to douse. BJP should pick such leaders who donot come thru Sangh Parviar “judiciously” and even if they pick up such leaders they should be put  on long probation before rewarding them with power and perks.

Jaswant Singh who is now highly critical about BJP, Parivar and Advani every post except that of Prime Minister and BJP president. Kulkarni might well have been Advani’s principal secretary had he become Prime Minister. But after joining Mamata Banerjee, he realised he had deep ideological differences with parivar. Yashwant Sinha, who came to the BJP from Chandra Shekhar’s SJP in 1993 is another case of how an “ideological turncoat” had skimmed off the cream of power and pelf. Arun Shourie also falls into same category to certain degree.

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